the “black” treasure rises to 15-

from Mara Rodella

Hidden between the basin, the attic and the garden in Brione

Seek and you will find, it comes to think. Seamless. So much so that the “hunt” for the treasure – black, like the funds that would have generated it for the investigator – of the investigators is not over yet. The suspicion is that, beyond the overseas accounts, materially the loot resulting from the maxi tax evasion managed by a family of the house between Brione and Gussago is not yet complete. In the last few hours, in the meantime, thanks to an intense investigation activity, the carabinieri and the financial police have recovered an additional 3.5 million euros in the spaces belonging to a couple of apartments on the border of Brione, also attributable to Giuliano Rossini, 46, and to his 22-year-old son Emanuele, who for a couple of months had moved to Gussago in the apartment that belonged to his grandmother: the head of the family and his wife Silvia Fornari, 40, are in prison (they were constituted four days after the execution of the precautionary measures, were in Austria) and are considered “the minds” of the criminal association aimed at creating invoices for non-existent transactions of half a billion equal to 93 million of unpaid taxes. After the first admissions of responsibility and the silence in front of the investigating judge, the couple said they were ready to speak later with the prosecutor Claudia Passalacqua.

In the cellar, in the attics, once again buried in the garden, hidden in the kitchen hoods: everywhere. The bills were everywhere. The “treasury” resulting from the illegal activity for the investigators therefore rises to about 15 million euros in cash. The first 8.5 were recovered in the large garden of the couple’s home in Brione: hidden in the earth, inside airtight vacuum-sealed bags and placed in blue plastic bags. Another 1.6 million, on the other hand, were found in the attic, also in the home of the husband and wife. Still, a million, always cash of course, recovered in the attic during the raid of the investigators in the home of his son Emanuele, in Gussago precisely (in the guarantee questioning before the investigating judge he had made use of the right not to answer, like his maternal aunt Marta , both under house arrest): packs of hundred, twenty and fifty euro banknotes, wrapped in insulating tape in small blocks. Now an additional 3.5 million. And that would still not be all. «When the investigators finish the search for the money, I will read the minutes and my clients will make themselves available to answer every question. They want to collaborate across the board »assures their lawyer, the lawyer Lorenzo Cinquepalmi.

For now, there is no trace of the vault whose existence was immediately suspected. Alleged operational base of the multimillion-dollar scam, the office of the family company, in Gussago, from which more than a thousand false invoices worth more than five hundred million euros have been produced in the last four years, apparently attributable to the trading of ferrous materials. In reality, for those who investigate, the “real” activity would have been to create a supply chain of paper mills operating in Italy and abroad, with dozens of open (and closed) current accounts in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and in Hong Kong, China. The millions recovered would be part of the illicit capital then returned to Italy by the associates. Without forgetting the money – about a couple of million, according to the first admissions of responsibility by husband and wife, who in turn then chose silence – which would have been deposited in current accounts across the border. A tour that would have involved over one hundred people, of which over seventy under investigation among entrepreneurs, figureheads and accomplices: precautionary measures have been taken for 22 in recent days (14 under arrest, 8 in cells, for 5 obligation to stay in the municipality of residence ). But it continues to charge. The Prosecutor’s Office, going back to the money, wants to understand if the booty is entirely attributable to the Brescia couple or if the husband and wife were also loaned out in even larger rounds of money than what has been ascertained.

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