The blood of Atys – Label Emmaüs

Blood of Atys
The result of a slow, rigorous and passionate elaboration, Le Sang d’Atys, this vast allegorical and sensual poem constitutes, by François Mauriac’s own admission, a kind of keystone to his entire work. Taking as its plot an ancient legend (Ceres, goddess of the Earth, unable to submit to his burning desire the young shepherd Atys, in love with a mortal, tries to root him in her by transforming him into a pine tree), Mauriac thus delivers to us his own vision of the carnal and spiritual nature of the human creature. But does he not venture even further in the revelation of his intimate heartbreaks?… Subsequently, on many occasions, he will confide his regret, almost his remorse, for having consented to the disclosure of such an intimate part of his being: “I should have kept Atys, completed it, perfected it, always. I would have left it behind me like a true testament.”.

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