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Anacondas 4: The Blood Trail

Original title Anacondas: Trail of Blood

Don E. FauntLeRoy


David C. Olson

Main actors
Production Companies

Stage 6 Movies
Hollywood Media Bridge
Castel Film Romania

Native country Romania
United States Flag United States



89 minutes

First broadcast


For more details see Technical sheet and Distribution

Anacondas 4: The Blood Trail (Anacondas: Trail of Blood) is an American horror TV movie directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy and aired on sure Sci-Fi Channel. This is the fourth episode of the saga Anaconda.

Research on the blood orchid continues, once again leading to the creation of a genetically modified snake with overdeveloped aggressiveness.

After killing the members of the search team, he escapes into the wild.

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United States: R restricted (prohibited -17 years) United Kingdom: prohibited – 15 South Korea: prohibited – 18 years Netherlands: prohibited – 16 years Singapore: U18 (prohibited -18 years) Finland: K-15 ( int -15 years) Malaysia: (Strictly prohibited) (censored)

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  1. French alternative title: Anaconda 4: On the trail of blood
  2. The posters of opus 1 and 3 are spelled in the singular while those of 2 and 4 take an “s”.

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The saga Anaconda[modifier | modifier le code]

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