BMW 6 Series Grand Coupe Modified from Wald Cavalry Network quoting Arabian Morning We are deploying you a new BMW 6 Series sedan sedan from the Wald, BMW 6 Series Grand Coupe modified from Wald. The Cavalry Network And starting with the flagship news, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is modified from the Wald.

The BMW 6 Series coupe has recently given up its role as a key competitor to the Mercedes S Class Coupe, having been replaced by its all-new BMW K8 Coupe.

In any case, BMW plans to replace the Gran Coupé version also to compete with other cars such as the all-new Mercedes CLS and the AMG 4-door M8.

During this period, Wald International has unveiled its new vehicle modification program, which is suitable for all F06 models with 640i and 650i models for 2011 and today.

What is surprising is that the modifications are not very noticeable, although they include new front and rear bumpers, side sprays and a rear spoiler, all made of FRP material.

Under the new amendment program, the car has also acquired a new exhaust system with its own antenna, and customers of the sixth generation Gran Coupe can choose from two different designs for the I11C and J11C, both 9X22 in front and 10.5 x 22 in rear.

The Japanese company added the word "Wald" on the side of the four-door coupe and the "Black Bison" logo on the right.

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Source : Arabic Morning


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