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The Board demands the Senate to have access to its bank accounts

The Board of Fiscal Supervision (JSF) filed an injunction and mandamus petition against the president of the Senate this morning, Thomas Rivera Schatz, before its refusal to provide access to the information systems and bank accounts of that legislative body.

According to the legal recourse, the fiscal entity requires access to the bank accounts of the upper house to, among other matters, complete a forensic investigation about the government's liquidity position.

"As a result of the lack of audited financial statements and recurring questions regarding the cash position of the government and its instrumentalities, the JSF initiated a project, in accordance with the powers of (the federal law) Promesa, to report and identify accounts of banks and investments of government entities as well as explanations of restrictions on funds ", says the resource in which it is indicated that the firm Duff & Phelps performs said works.

According to the appeal, while other government agencies have complied with providing access, some 163 in total, the Senate notified the JSF on February 6 that it would not provide the required information, despite multiple attempts by the Board.

For months, the Board has expressed reservations and concerns about the government's laxity in complying with the governmental tax plan and the submission of financial and fiscal information, complaints established in various letters, particularly signed by the executive director of the agency, Natalie Jaresko.

Similarly, Jaresko had indicated before that the Board would exercise the powers at its disposal to enforce the federal statute.

Although the JSF and Rivera Schatz have had multiple differences, it is the first time that the organism demands the Senate.

Reacts the president of the Senate

Rivera Schatz said the board has had access to the Senate's financial information and said the suit is "an attempt to create the impression that they are doing something."

"We have submitted all the documents that they have requested, the financial statements, the budget of the Senate is online for those who want to observe it. The executive director herself (Jaresko) has recognized it ", the president of the Senate said in a radio interview (WKAQ – 580 AM).

He also said that his attorneys will be evaluating the legal recourse in case there is a specific data that the Board wants to obtain.

"There is no desire to hide any information from the Senate because practically all the information is already public," the senatorial leader said.



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