“the body is my canvas”

This Sunday, May 28, Cloé Goldi, a make-up artist from Dijon, was crowned French champion of body painting. This is the first time that this art has its competition in the country. The opportunity to highlight this discipline little known to the general public.

She is French champion of body painting, but she discovered this discipline late in life. Born in Dijon, Cloé Goldi initially studied tourism in Beaune before converting to make-up by joining “Backstage”, an artistic make-up school in Dijon.

It was during training that she discovered body painting. “I had to paint a body at school and I loved it. I had a blast!“Even though she finished her studies two years ago, she still has a connection with the establishment as an assistant.

Besides, she hasn’t given up on body painting and has since painted about ten bodies. “I already made a zombie. For the city of gastronomy, I created a fresco on the theme of Burgundy. In particular, we found the owl in front and the pompom bear surrounded by vines behind.”

This Sunday, May 28 in Epinal, she was crowned champion of France bodypainting at 25 years old. A remarkable performance for the youngest of the competition, when it was her first participation. 19 people participated and had 6h30 to paint their models, with a “myths and legends” theme.

For her creation, Chloé was inspired by the legend of Kistune and the goddess Inari. “I trained on paper. Sometimes I also draw on myself so that I can see how it looks on a human being. I can see what the colors look like.”

“The body is our canvas.”

Chloe Goldi

Professional makeup artist

During the competition, it was on a person that she painted. And the models are not chosen at random. “I choose according to what I want to paint, if I need a muscular body, with curves…” Models wear stockings, and women may have pasties. “They always tell us they don’t feel like they’re naked, it’s like they’re dressed.”

The championship takes place during body painting France meetings. We find many artists throughout the weekend who came to share their passions, their techniques and their know-how, but also “s’amuser’.

That’s why Cloé loves body painting so much. Leave room for your imagination. We can draw characters or diverse and varied universes. On a body, you have to adapt to the curves. On a woman there is the chest. It must be taken into account to place our elements and not to deform our realization.”

Next year, Cloé Goldi is likely to put her title back into play. In the meantime, the Dijonnaise intends to continue to explore the human body, with pencil and brush strokes.

2023-05-30 14:20:30

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