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The body is recovering for a long time: doctors called the optimal age to stop smoking

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The risk of cardiovascular disease in ex-smokers lasts for many years

Doctors told at what age is best to stop smoking, so that the body still had a chance to recover. This writes the 7 Med News.
A group of specialists from the University of Vanderbilt presented a report during a congress of the American Association of Cardiologists, in which she said that the human body, after he quit smoking, needs at least 15 years to fully recover.
They noted that the most optimal time to get rid of the addiction is no later than 45 years, since the body will be able to cope with the consequences before the age of 60.
According to a study that they conducted, significant changes in the body are observed as early as 5 years after quitting. For example, the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced by 38%. However, other indicators remain above the norm for almost 10 more years.
For the study, scientists recruited nine thousand volunteers under the age of 30 years. And for 16 years, they monitored their state of health. It was found that smoking significantly increases the risk of developing heart disease, blood vessels and respiratory system diseases.
The first few years after quitting, the risks of health problems are significantly reduced, and then the recovery of the body begins to slow down.
Scientists explained that even those who quit smoking more than 10 years ago may have consequences in the form of various diseases.
The study showed that some volunteers had increased risks from the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, even after 16 years. Therefore, they recommend that all smokers get rid of their addiction as quickly as possible.
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