As of 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, the gendarmes of the Cambrai company and the criminal investigation cell of their group took over a house located at the end of rue Verte in Eswars, separated from the dwellings by the La Rasse river and invisible from the road. Where the occupant’s lifeless body, a 31-year-old woman, was found lying on a bed, report our colleagues from La Voix Du Nord.

For a week, the father of his companion had been worried about not having any news: “The person did not want to open him for several days,” confirms the public prosecutor Rémi Schwartz. Upon arriving at the scene, the gendarmes discovered him “wounded in the face” but conscious. A “fairly suggestive” wound of a suicide attempt with a firearm, even if this lead has not been formally confirmed. He would have expressed himself, but “either he did not say anything useful or he spoke with difficulty and it was not understandable. Supported by Cambrai rescuers, the 32-year-old man from Thun-l’Evêque was transported to the Lille regional hospital center. A weapon was found at the scene.

His partner, on the other hand, would have died several days ago. If nothing initially suggested a violent death, an examination of the body revealed that it was quite different, even if one “does not know formally the causes of death”. The prosecution declined to make “any comments” on the findings, which will be further explored during an autopsy at the Lille Forensic Institute. In the middle of the afternoon, the Animal Welfare Society left the home with two “healthy” dogs.

A criminal investigation was opened for murder, and entrusted to the research brigade of the company of Cambrai. The victim’s companion is currently the primary suspect in this closed-door drama sealed by containment because of the Covid-19. Checks are underway to verify whether there have already been reports of violence.


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