The body of Cardinal City striker Emiliano Sala is to be moved to his home country on Friday morning to settle in the gym at his childhood club to leave him after Cardiff's owner has claimed the cost of transporting the body.

Julio Mueller, the mayor of the town of Progreso in the Argentine province of Santa Fe, where Emiliano grew up, said his body would arrive at Buenos Aires International Airport at 9 am local time on Friday.

The body was to be transported to the provincial capital by land on a six-hour journey before arriving at Progreso on Friday evening to spend the night at the San Martin gymnasium, the Daily Mail newspaper reported.

The mother of Emiliano, Mercedes and his sister Romina, who traveled to Europe after the light plane that was flying from France to Cardiff, the highest English channel near Guernsey, returned to Progreso next to Father Horacio.

"The body of Emi (Emiliano) will arrive in Argentina from Europe on Friday and we will spend several hours in his farewell at the club on Saturday," San Martin president Daniel Ribeiro said.

Vince Tan, the owner of Cardiff City, earlier told the Sala family that he would bear the cost of transporting the body to Argentina.

An autopsy on Sala's body after recovering from the sea showed he died of head and trunk injuries when the plane on board crashed.

The body of David Abbotsson, 59, the pilot of the plane, who disappeared on Jan. 21, has not yet been found and his family insists the search should continue.

San Martin de Pregreso, who played Sala until he was 15, announced that he intended to change the name of his stadium to Emiliano Sala.

After signing the move to Cardiff last month, Sala was traveling from his French club to his new team before his plane crashed into the English Channel. His body was found in the wreckage last week.

British reports said Cardiff did not want to pay for the Argentinian, despite Nantes' demand.

Cardiff chairman Mohamed Dalman said the club would pay fees if it was "contractually binding."



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