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The 'Bomb' of Dembélé explodes at the Camp Nou

"The problem of Ousmane Dembélé is not in the legs, it is here above", they recognize the noble offices of the Camp Nou, pointing their heads with their index finger. In the Barça, very few doubt their soccer ability. Instead, they challenge the mindset as a high level player. That is to say, that it is not taken seriously nor with professionalism its passage by the Barça team. Patience has a limit and the rope is so tight that it could soon break. For the moment, Ernesto Valverde decided to leave him out of the call for the game this afternoon against Betis.

"Dembélé has great talent. We hope you show it every day, "said the coach in the press room of Sant Joan Despí, in an appearance monopolized by the decision to leave the player out of the list. "They are decisions in sports style. The issues of discipline are things that we are dealing with inside, "added the Txingurri, re-emphasizing the" great talent "of the soccer player and making sure they were watching" exploit it. " Now, the days pass and the situation continues to aggravate, to the point that the club has opened the debate about a possible exit of the player this same winter market.

An open possibility, however, as they recognize from the economic area, "complicated". The main reason is that the high price of the transfer conditions the balance of accounts in case of a premature exit. That is to say, that either an offer appears that identifies the amount left to be amortized (some 70 million) or its transfer will have generated losses. A situation that can not be allowed by club managers due to the moment the Barça treasury lives. Right now, the option of a club coming to the Camp Nou with the zeros ladder seems to be far away.

Valverde, who was asked about the future of Dembélé, did not say yes or no. Of course, the coach had to confess, even with the small mouth, that something shrieked for some time. Over the last few weeks, the lack of professionalism of the young player has become more evident than ever, which in May turned 21. For example, the lack of intensity and discipline of the team in the minutes played by Barça-Sevilla, or having arrived notably late in the concentration of the Champions League match against Inter, in which the coach left it punished on the bench without playing for a minute.

Absence without justification

Valverde, accustomed to working with young stars, tried to redirect the situation to the good. After the punishment he gave prominence to Vallecas – where he responded with a goal – and placed him as the starter in the match in the field of the Inter. But the joy lasted little. The last one was to skip training on Thursday without notice: after a long time he did not report that he had a gastroenteritis. Friday did a specific job and yesterday did the session with his teammates, before Valverde informed that he did not count on receiving the Betis.

They are all droplets that have shed the glass and have ended with the patience of their companions,staff, the sports secretary and the board of directors. His performance – whether in the field or outside – does not fit with his talent as a soccer player, and even less so that Barça paid for it in the summer of 2017: 105 million fixed plus 40 of variables, of which A quarter has already been paid. A Golden Ball contract. Then the most expensive in the history of the club, just overcome a few months later by Coutinho.

With Dembélé, almost everything has been conflicts, even before his signing, as when he disappeared from the map in Dortmund – it was literally unclassifiable – to force his transfer. Already in Barcelona, ​​installed in a luxurious chalet for rent in the neighborhood of La Mercè, has starred in some episodes that did not like anything at the Camp Nou, such as when a chef hired by Barça dismissed to control his food better. The other, according to the newspaper As, it was the recruitment of an osteopath without the permission of the club, who found out through an interview with a French magazine.

For now, Dembélé continues to have Barça's open doors. And also those of France, because he continues to enter the plans of the coach Didier Deschamps. However, as the French coach explained, Dembélé needs to mature as a professional.


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