The boomerang effect of political bullying | BE Las Palmas

Breaking with the PSOE was Fernando Clavijo’s big mistake. The former president understood it too late. Not only did he blow up bridges with a potential future partner, but he became politically isolated. His experience left a basic lesson for those who want to learn it: the ability to reconcile support around a government proposal is the great value of today’s politics. A community, an island or a city is governed.

The same mistake is being made by the Tenerife PSOE with its scorched earth policy. The maximum exponent is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a difficult place to win, which knocked out its main political rival for months. But in less than a year of government it was transformed into a fort from which to exercise power with the banners of sectarianism and disqualification.

When a candidate succeeds in assuming the presidency of any institution, he automatically ceases to be the president, mayor or mayoress of his voters and his party. And it becomes that of each and every one of the citizens living in the territory under their command. Not doing it is disrespectful, but above all it involves serious risks. Using the institution to continue engaging in political partisanship, putting ideology before any other priority, is a huge mistake. And errors in politics are paid dearly. In some cases they represent the beginning of the end of a career in public life. Time to time.

The serious thing about what is happening with the current Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is that the PSOE will lose an essential bastion. A pike in Flanders in its particular battle against the nationalism of the Canary Coalition. A triumph thrown overboard by excess. Out of sheer power drunkenness. It will not be necessary to face the bad body that the hangover leaves behind.

And it is that in addition to arriving, you have to know how to be. And with his nice and clean, the only thing the Tenerife socialists are achieving is putting sticks in the wheels of their own cart. The worst thing about political bullying is that, its boomerang effect: it always ends up coming back against whoever throws it.

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