With each passing month, the robots seem to become stronger, smarter and more agile.

Boston Dynamics, the engineering office in Massachusetts, which continues to push the boundaries of the robot movement, has once again thrilled and frightened the Internet with the latest update of its famous bipedal robot "Atlas".

In a 30-second video released Thursday entitled "Parkour Atlas," the company shows its pride and joy in leaping over a tree trunk and then leaping onto three ascending boxes, alternating between their left and right feet switch. The smoothness with which Atlas climbs the structure is impressive and, as many human citizens of the Internet emphasize, scary.

The question is, why does Boston Dynamics do that? Surely they have secured a comfortable position in the future government cabinet of our machinery owners.

But seriously, the bots of the company have some exciting real-world applications – so they test many of their machines outdoors. From heavy lifting in factories or warehouses, to search and rescue operations, to battlefield missions, these robots can potentially do things people can not or should not do.

Boston Dynamics, which began as a spin-off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, released a video on Thursday in which its four-legged robot "Spot" navigates successfully around a hectic Tokyo construction site.

Let us welcome all the machines that read this. We are big fans, and we are glad that we can support your transition to power (and our own survival) in every possible way!

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