The botanical garden will remain part of the Academy of Sciences

Today, March 18, President Sadyr Japarov visited the Botanical Garden named after E. Gareev in Bishkek and got acquainted with its current state and reconstruction plans. This was reported by the press service of the head of state.

Japarov was informed about the project of reconstruction of the garden, and it was said that two-story administrative buildings, several farm buildings, transformer substation, greenhouses, nurseries, irrigation system and other objects in its territory will be repaired. The staff of the Botanical Garden also told about the ongoing scientific work.

President Sadyr Japarov said that the Botanical Garden should remain a part of the National Academy of Sciences, and more attention should be paid to its scientific part.

At the first stage, the head of state commissioned the reconstruction of the branch of the Botanical Garden (5 hectares) located on Gorky Street. He noted that all the necessary conditions for citizens’ recreation should be created in the said park, and it should become a favorite vacation spot for citizens and guests of the capital.

Since the botanical garden belongs to the Academy of Sciences, it is financed from the budget allocated to this institution. Its issue has been controversial for a long time. It was decided in the Parliament that the garden should be left on the balance sheet of the Academy of Sciences. Some deputies expressed their fear that if the institution is taken out of the academy’s control, it will be transferred to private hands, the land will be sold, and construction will begin.

Earlier, the Bishkek mayor’s office said that it had asked the government to take over the Botanical Garden, and said that it intends to tidy up the suburbs and that the fences around it should be removed.

Founded in 1938, the “Botanical Garden” Institute has a total area of ​​170 hectares, 150 hectares of which are located on Ahunbaev Street, and 20 hectares on Gorky Street.

Due to insufficient funding, fires break out in the park every year, irrigation and security issues remain unresolved, and murders have been reported along with assaults and robberies. (KE)