The Breaking Bad Actor Who was a Fan of Malcolm in the Middle


The series created by Vince Gilligan starred one of the figures from the famous 2000s sitcom.

The Breaking Bad actor who is a fan of Malcolm in the middle

Malcolm in the Middle was a successful sitcom that began airing in the early 2000s and managed to captivate audiences for 7 seasons until its end in 2006. The series follows the hilarious and chaotic adventures of Malcolma gifted child who lives in a dysfunctional but loving family.

One of the prominent characters in Malcolm in the Middle es Halthe father of the family, brilliantly played by Bryan Cranston in one of his first great massive works. Little did they know then that Cranston would give life to another iconic character in his career: Walter White in Breaking Badwhere he coincidentally shared a scene with an actor who was a fan of Malcolm in the Middle.

that actor is Daniel Moncadawho plays one of the Salamanca cousins in Breaking Bad y Better Call Saul. As revealed by his brother, Luis Moncadain an interview with look who i foundthe first time they saw Bryan Cranston it was not very “professionals”. Daniel he kept getting excited and asking: “Is that the one from Malcolm in the Middle?”.

Laughter was not lacking when, as he recalled Luisin their first meeting in New Mexico to shoot a scene, Daniel he couldn’t contain his excitement and kept mentioning the series. “Get excited”the actor recalled. He also recalled that once out of character, they talked about Malcolm in the Middle.

+Where to see Malcolm in the middle

If you are a fan of Malcolm in the Middle or if you haven’t had a chance to watch this acclaimed series yet, you’re in luck. All seasons of the series are available to watch on Disney+. Whether you are in Spain or Latin America, you can enjoy the fun and endearing adventures of Malcolm and his peculiar family.

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