The bride and groom set fire to the wedding venue …! One and a half has arrived ..!

Marriage is one of the most beautiful days in a man’s life. Many people try to keep it in mind forever and make it a new experience for those attending the wedding. Some people get married and make his marriage beautiful in front of others. There are those who get married very simply and set an example for them in front of the society. The bride and groom in America have come up with a fiery idea in this day and age of wanting to make a difference from the wedding invitation ..

The video of the couple arriving at the wedding venue a little more adventurously than everyone else is now going viral on social media. The couple entered the wedding venue on fire. They enter the stage with all the fire in their wedding dress and bouquet. The video also shows her friend helping to light a fire on the way to the audience. You can also hear the sound of guests leading to the stage, shouting at both of them. The video is going viral on social media.

The American couple’s name is Gob Josep and Ambir Bambir. Why did they choose such an entry? There is an answer to that too. Gob Joseph and Ambir Bambir are the body doubles actors in the Hollywood movie action scenes. That is why they both chose such an idea.

The couple’s wedding photographer is Russ Powell. The video also shows friends extinguishing the fire within seconds.

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