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Home Business The British declared Ryanair the worst air carrier

The British declared Ryanair the worst air carrier

The company Which, which specializes in consumer market research, has published the results of a survey of Britons, according to which the low-cost airline Ryanair was on the last – 19th place – among the carriers flying from Britain, reports BBC.

Aurigny Air Service, Swiss Airlines, Jet2, Norwegian and KLM hit the top 5 of the list.

Other major British airlines, Easyjet and British Airways, ranked 11th and 15th on the list.

In 2018, Ryanair survived a massive strike. The company canceled flights and did not offer customers compensation, and also changed baggage rules three times.

Respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the registration process, the convenience of seating, food and drinks, as well as comfort in the cabin.

Thousands of respondents said that they would “never again” use the services of this airline.

A spokesman for Ryanair said the survey did not reflect the real success of the company.

“The number of passengers at Ryanair has grown by 80% over the past six years, and has become the most visited airline site in the world. These facts indicate that consumers want only more than 8,000 non-representative surveys,” said representative of the company.

Ryanair will launch five new routes from Kiev in 2019. In particular, from April, low-cost airline planes will fly from Kiev to Athens, Manchester, Paphos and Sofia, and from May another flight will be added to Dublin.



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