The British Government will give protection to its chief doctor, Chris Whitty, after being harassed for the third time


In a video broadcast on social networks, two men are seen berating Whitty, who played a key role in the response to the pandemic

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The British Government will give police protection to your medical adviser, Chris Whitty, after being shaken as he passed through St. James Park last Sunday, in the third incident in the last four months. Own Boris Johnson has publicly condemned “the despicable harassment” to which the epidemiologist and spokesperson for the Covid strategy is being subjected, the equivalent of Fernando Simn.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has also condemned “the terrible behavior towards the notable public official”, after the broadcast of the video in which several passers-by asked Whitty to pose for a mobile photo and took the opportunity to put my arm around his neck and wrestle with him. The doctor barely managed to get away in the last instance.

On at least two previous occasions, the last one in February and at a street food stand, Whitty has been persecuted and harassed by cries of “liar” by protesters against the confinement measures. Their number two, Jonathan Van-Tam, has also had to deal with a group of anti-vaccine activists at the gates of the Ministry

The new Secretary of Health, Sajid Javid – who on Monday announced his intention to lift the latest restrictions on Covid on July 19 – condemned the latest incident and warned that he asked the British Government to take measures to
avoid similar aggressions.

Scotland Yard has taken action on the matter and opened a research to debug responsibilities. “We have video record of the incident in the park of St. James”, could be read in a police statement. “Our
agents have questioned those responsible and are in contact with the victim, while all the circumstances continue to be investigated. “

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