The British Health Minister was shocked on the street with his lover: he apologized for violating social distancing | Chronicle

A major scandal centers on the government of UK, where the Minister of Health Matt Hancock It was “fish red-handed” with an assistant, and far from apologizing for the infidelity, he did it for “health reasons”.

The official, Matt Hancock, he apologized for having violated social distancing rules implemented by its own government, after images published by a local newspaper showed it passionately kissing an assistant, when they are both married to other couples.

The newspaper The Sun posted footage captured by CCTV showing him hugging his assistant Gina coladangelo (43) on May 6, when restrictions imposed that two people from different households they should not be in close contact.

In a statement, Hancock, 42, with three children, admitted to breaking social distancing guidelines, said there was “disappointed people” and what was “very sorry”.

The cover of the British newspaper (The Sun).

“I accept that I violated the social distancing guide in these circumstances. I have let people down and I am very sorry. I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic and I would appreciate the privacy of my family in this personal matter”, added.

Hancock, was branded in addition to “hypocrite”, because in May 2020 he had condemned the attitude of Neil Ferguson, the government’s chief scientific adviser, who outlined the quarantine strategy and broke the rules of the coronavirus to visit his married lover.

At the time, the minister said that he was rendered speechless by Ferguson’s behavior and assured that it had been right for him to resign as a government advisor.

“The rules of social distancing are there for everyone, they are incredibly important and they are very serious,” manifested at the time.

Dismissal request

Meanwhile, the opposition Labor Party urged the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to fire Hancock, calling his position a “untenable”.

In that sense, the president of Labor, Anneliese Dodds, said Hancock has been secretly maintaining a relationship with a consultant in his office, whom he personally appointed to a taxpayer-funded position, which is “a flagrant abuse of power and a clear conflict of interest.”

Matt Hancock and his “personal” assistant, Gina Coladangelo (Twitter).

Also, according to the newspaper The Guardian, the spokeswoman for Health and Social Assistance of the Liberal Party (Lib Dem), the deputy Munira Wilson, said that the Minister should be fired.

“Matt Hancock is a lousy Health Minister and should have been fired a long time ago for his failures. This latest episode of hypocrisy will break trust with the British public. He was telling families not to hug their loved ones, while doing the same. that he wanted at work “, declared the deputy.

Boris Johnson, for his part, accepted Hancock’s apology for breaking the rules of social distancing and considered the issue as “closed”.


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