The brokerage expects the SET today to swing within a range of 1620-1630 points after no new factors to support it.

Broker expects Thai stocks today Swinging in the frame of 1620-1630 after no new factors A speculative investment strategy in stocks with strong forecasts in Q3/64 with unique positive factors. Focus on investing in Value stocks and Reopening Play, fear Delta Plus outbreak in the country It is a risk factor that pressures the stock to adjust to a new base.

Finansia Syrus Securities Company Limited estimates that the SET Index today continues to swing sideways within a frame of 1620-1,630 as there are still no clear new factors to stimulate. And the market is also weighing on the rising inflation outlook, which will lead to slower economic growth going forward. Meanwhile, the US economy in 3Q21 grew 2 times compared to the previous quarter. This was lower than the market expected from the effects of Supply Shortage and Delta Variant, while the Federal Reserve (FED) meeting next week is expected to announce the start of planned quantitative measures (QE) cuts.

While domestic factors, the main focus remains on the announcement of 3Q21 earnings and the start of the country’s opening on November 1, with short-term strategies focusing on individual speculation, especially with positive issues, stocks that are expected to be budgeted. 3Q21 is strong. In the medium-long term, we still focus on investing in value stocks to reduce the impact of inflation risks and reopening play, especially where the valuation is still low and the Laggard SET Index compared to the previous period. VID-19 includes banking, energy/refinery, real estate, retail, food, tourism, contractors.

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AIRA Securities expects the market today, Sideways looks at support at 1610-1620 points and resistance at 1,632-1,640 points. Domestic factors still have a positive view on preparing to open the country without detaining from day 1. This November includes the cancellation of curfews in many provinces, especially Bangkok.

However, we still look at stocks in the main reopening theme, especially tourism, hotels, and airlines, which have risen to accept the aforementioned issues. However, keep an eye on the risks of the spread of COVID-19. Delta+ species that started to spread in the country It is expected to be a factor that will pressure the stocks in the group to weaken and adjust to a new base.

* US stock market

– Dow Jones Index : New York Stock Exchange The market closed at 35,730.48 points, up 239.79 points or +0.68%.
– NASDAQ Index : New York Stock Exchange The market closed at 15,448.12 points, an increase of 212.28 points, or +1.39%.
– S&P 500 Index : New York Stock Market The market closed at 4,596.42 points, an increase of 44.74 points or +0.98%.

* European stock market

– DAX Index : German stock market The market closed at 15,696.33 points, down 9.48 points or -0.06%.
– CAC-40 Index : French Stock Market The market closed at 6,804.22 points, an increase of 50.70 points or 0.75%.
– FTSE Index : London Stock Exchange The market closed at 7,249.47 points, down 3.80 points or -0.05 %.

* Asian Stock Market (latest)

– Straits Times Index: Singapore Stock Exchange at 08:41 (Thailand time) was at 3,215.17, up 11.35, or 0.35%. The market opened at 3,210.88, closed the previous session at 3,203.82.
– Nikkei Index: Japanese stock exchanges at 08:41 a.m. (Thailand time) were at 28,544.50 points, down 275.59 points or -0.96%. The market opened at 28,819.16 points, the previous close at 28,820.09 points.
– SHI index: China stock market at 8:35 (Thailand time) was at 3521.92 points, an increase of 3.50 points or 0.10%. The market opened at 3,519.33 points, the previous close at 3,518.42 points.
– Hang Seng Index: Hong Kong Stock Market Time 08:54 (Thailand time) was at 25,364.95 points, down 190.78 points or -0.75%. The market opened at 25,466.86 points, the previous close at 25,555.73 points.
– Composite Index: Seoul Stock Exchange at 8:22 am (Thailand time) was at 2,989.41 points, down 20.14 points or -0.67%. The market opened at 3,025.67 points, the previous close at 3,009.55 points.

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*oil price

NYMEX crude rose 15 cents, or 0.2%, at $82.81 a barrel. recovered after the previous day’s decline. while following the OPEC Plus meeting on Nov. 4 to determine the oil production policy for December.

* Gold price

Gold price COMEX rose $3.8, or 0.21%, at $1,802.6/ounce. as a safe asset After the US released the GDP figure in 3Q21 that grew lower than expected. including the depreciation of the dollar