The Bulgarian is not old enough for people like me. They need to listen to me more


Kubrat Pulev became a student at UNWE. The boxer will study for a master’s degree, not in sports, but in politics. On his first day as a student, Kubrat Pulev was officially welcomed. He received his student book, which turned out to be historical, Nova TV reports.

“The last paper book – I will definitely keep it,” he promised. They also gave him a textbook with a message.

One must constantly improve. Whoever says, “I know everything,” is the greatest fool. “We have unique universities – to study here, to be with their parents, that’s the truth,” Pulev said.

In June, he applied for a new field – in the Greater Bulgaria party. At the moment, however, this remains only a plan for the future.

Kubrat Pulev postpones his political intentions to create a party

“I have to see that the Bulgarian is old enough for people like me and my brother. Real people who want to change something with heart and soul. The thing that turned me down was sports. Because I feel very strong. And my heart needs it. from such battles. Everything was ready. All people. And I refused. I said, “No, I don’t want to hurry. “You can’t carry two watermelons under one arm,” said the boxer.

After the match with Anthony, Joshua Cobra thought that this would be the end of his sports career.

“I had an injury, I thought it would never get better, I had a coronavirus, I hadn’t trained, I didn’t have the strength,” he said. Now, however, he expects to enter the ring again – this year in the United States.

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From the politicians at the moment Pulev sees chaos, lack of responsibility and professionalism.

“Fear, anxiety, insecurity, but this leads to irresponsibility. You see what is happening in the National Assembly – populist statements around the clock. Some accuse others of populism, and that in itself is populist. Can you imagine? The thief shouts hold the thief. Is it schizophrenia, I can’t understand it. I can’t believe they have so much intellect. You also saw Slavi Trifonov – I can’t believe that people trusted him to such an extent. Even if there is a small light, like the name Slavi Trifonov, they immediately grab him. Like a drowning man for a straw, my dears. I told them, but they should listen to me more, “advises Kubrat Pulev.

“About jeans, as it was called… Filip Stanev. I thought it was a collage. We do not allow ourselves to come to UNWE in this way. Yesterday we talked to my friends that if they are my deputies they enter the National Assembly in jeans, for edification. we will take them out in front of the parliament and … 50 lashes naked. This is disrespect to both the institution and the Bulgarian people. It turns out that they do not know how to dress, “he said.

Pulev also commented on the new political project of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev “We continue the change”.

“Graduates of Harvard – not bad. We have graduated from the University of National and World Economy, but let’s see if it will be Harvard, Sofia University, how things will turn out? Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to get under the circumstances.” , the boxer thinks.

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According to him, our people love strong politicians. “That’s why they had clung to Boyko Borissov for a long time. I myself was one of the people who sympathized with him and voted for him. But he got tired and stopped developing. There will certainly be many new political projects, but also many pessimistic political projects, “he added.

While an athlete, Cobra says he will not be a politician because he does not want to fight in two rings. However, proposals for a political career do not stop.

“These days, and half a year ago, and 3 years ago, and 5 years ago. Constantly. There’s no way I can get into a project and someone says to me, ‘Well, we have to squat here, because someone else is on top like that.’ he said. “Everyone invited me everywhere, they offered me to be a minister, what not. For myself I have achieved a lot. Really a lot. I am a happy person. And I know that I can give a lot more to achieve more a lot “, shares Pulev.

UNWE also showed our boxer the wall of fame – with the names of the nine prime ministers of Bulgaria, graduates of the school, as well as many other ministers. And whether we will see Kubrat Pulev in the National Assembly or on “Dondukov” 1 or 2 – remains to be seen.