The burglar had paid for his scratch games and his tobacco with a stolen credit card

A 34-year-old man appeared this Thursday before the court in Montluçon (Allier) for several thefts. He had been arrested after a burglary committed at the home of a couple, in Commentry, on January 29, reports The mountain.

The owners of the place had surprised him and managed to write down his license plate before he fled.

He buys scratch games and tobacco with a stolen credit card

Investigators quickly made the link to another case dating back to October 2021. An individual had used a stolen bank card a little earlier in a car to buy scratch games and tobacco in bars, still in Commentry .

The defendant, who is said to be suffering from a heroin addiction, was confused thanks to the CCTV images of the establishments. He was finally given a six-month suspended prison sentence, with the obligation to take treatment.