The burpee, the super effective exercise

The burpee, the super effective exercise

In general, we like it and we both hate it: it makes us wince, but it brings convincing results. This movement of bodybuilding, called “burpee”, is a mix between squats, pumps and sheathing. It was imagined in the 1930s by an American doctor, Dr. Royal H. Burpee, hence his name. Today, he is still very fashionable. No wonder, it is prodigiously effective! What does it consist on ? The burpee breaks down into several movements. Initially, we are standing, legs slightly apart. 1. Go down squat or bend, or squat by bending your knees. 2. Put your hands on the ground while rocking forward. 3. Throw the legs back so that they are in the pump position. 4. Touch the ground with the body. 5. Group the legs and bring them back to the bust and get up. 6. Finish with a jump in extension with the hands behind the head. The video summary: You must be logged in to watch this video. Three series of five movements The exercise, which may seem simple in the video, “Does not prove so obvious,” warns Mathieu Guénantin, personal coach at home, Rennes in Ille-et-Vilaine. Do not get discouraged on the first try, but try to persevere and start slowly. “Beginners can try at first to repeat the movement five times,” He offers. For more effects, you must then repeat the exercise. “Count three sets of five movements, with a recovery of one minute to one minute and thirty minutes between each series,” explains the coach. All, several times a week … You can add one or more pumps to the burpees. (Photo: Fotolia) Confirmed athletes can, for their part, “Try to do the maximum of burpees in a given time, up to one to two minutes of effort,” he said. You must be careful, whether beginner or expert, not to dig your back when you are in the pump position, to avoid injury. “The body must be straight and well wrapped”, says Mathieu Guénantin. Want to add a little spice to the exercise? You can make variations, compose your own burpee. “For example, it is possible to add a pump, or several, when you are in position, to harden the movement and work more arms, shoulders and pecs”, He suggests. Some even opt for burpees with a dumbbell in each hand. Indisputable results The burpee is the ideal exercise to develop your muscles, but also your cardio, responsiveness and coordination. (Photo: Pixabay) Very dynamic exercise, the burpee involves the vast majority of the muscles of the body, as well as the joints. “Including the thighs, the quadriceps. But also the abdominals, when one goes to the pump position. And finally the arms, the pecs and the shoulders, especially if the person adds pumps to the movement “, enumerate the coach. We also mobilize another muscle, during the effort: the heart. “We ask a lot of muscles at the same time, so the heart must be very active and send oxygen in all these muscles simultaneously,” He explains. Perfect for developing your cardio, but also its responsiveness and coordination. In the end, the body will eventually be more toned, more “sculpted”. The intensity of the burpee is that the fats gradually leave room for the muscles, which are drawn gradually. Another interest: the breathing capacity improves, breath and sheathing being extremely linked. We gain in power, we become more explosive and more enduring at a time. A better athlete, in short. To practice without moderation. Other exercise: the mountain climber (Photo: screenshot Youtube / Howcast) This other exercise also helps strengthen the majority of the body’s muscles. It is called “mountain climber” or climber’s exercise. 1. Put yourself in the position of pumps, the body straight. 2. Bring the left knee to the chest. 3. Reverse the position of the legs with another impulse. The right knee is now glued to the chest. And vice versa. Left, right, left, right …

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