The business climate continues to improve in November, according to INSEE

The business climate improved again in November, exceeding its already high level last June, INSEE said on Wednesday. The overall business climate indicator thus rose by 2 points in November compared to October, reaching 114 points, ie “well above its pre-health crisis value», Details the National Institute of Statistics. This new improvement follows that which surprised last month when analysts rather expected a contraction due to supply and recruitment difficulties.

It is explained by “the rise“The assessment of the level of activity and the number of staff working in the services,”as well as the improvement of foreign order books in industry», Indicates INSEE. The situation is improving in all sectors, with for example an increase of 2 points in industry, where “the already high expectations of business leaders regarding the expected evolution of their selling prices are growing sharply“And an increase of 1 point in the building”despite the constraints of offers“. In services, the business climate is also improving by one point and improving by 2 points in retail trade. In wholesale trade, the indicator has increased by 5 points since September, due to an improvement in “total sales“And”deliveries received from abroad», Underlines INSEE.