The business fair and unconsciousness

We condemn the arms policies of USA that they have only brought tragedies at families; we say enough to culture from death and the extermination and to the notion that owning weapons is an inalienable human right of North American citizens in a country that possesses 40% of the weapons in the hands of civilians throughout the world.

Just three days after the slaughter which took place in the town of Uvalde that left 19 children and two teachers dead at the hands of a man armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, Florida celebrated his great arms fair (Florida Gun Show) with the national convention from National Rifle Association (NRAfor its acronym in English).

Billed as “a weekend full of freedom for the whole family where guests will enjoy a huge display of firearms, ammunition, magazines, knives, bulletproof vests and much more (kids under 12 are free!”) , one of the main objectives of the NRA is to promote the freedom to own firearms among civilians.

Salvador Ramos of 18 years Shooting to kill with two assault rifles legally purchasedand with one of them he unloaded 315 rounds of ammunition out of the more than 1600 he was carrying, certainly “freely”, before being shot down.

The leading pro-gun organization in USA

At its Convention, it had the presence of former President Donald Trump (one of the largest donors to the Republican party), and of Texas federal senator Ted Cruz, both conservatives.

For Donald Trump, the solution to the tragedies Mass weapons perpetrated in schools is requiring schools to have a single point of entry, strong exterior fencing, metal detectors and reinforced gates, as well as armed guards and teachers.

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For his part, Ted Cruz assured that “one should not react to evil and tragedy by abandoning the Constitution,” referring to the second amendment, a 1791 provision that prohibits infringing “the right of the people to possess or bear arms.” .

Both coincided with Wayne La Pierre, executive director of the NRA that the answer “does not lie in restricting the fundamental human rights of American citizens,” and they argued that “the gun control“, would not have prevented the tragedy.

For others, the solution is not to ban weapons, but rather that:

“decent citizens can defend themselves with them against guys like Salvador Ramos“.

The policeman admitted that he took wrong decision al delay 78 minutes in get into al campus for believing that he attacker I was entrenchedwhen in fact it was shooting up while toured the campus. It must be said that the tragedy occurred despite the school safety training received by the staff of the campus just 60 days ago.

The president of USA, Joe Biden said to be “sick y tired out of this”, and promised “make the country safer“, while the vice president, Kamala Harris said that “Congress must have the courage to face, once and for all, the lobby of the gun shops and pass reasonable security laws on the matter.”

Democrats in the state of Texas called for an emergency session of the legislature to be called to approve bills, and that among other things, the minimum age for the purchase of firearms be raised.

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What we know is that beyond political speeches UvaldeTexas doubled its school safety budget and spent years improving safety measures on its campuses, to no avail.

In addition, some xenophobic US media have emphasized the “Hispanic” condition of the Salvador Ramos.

The spiral of violence must be put to an end and unrestricted control must be established over the acquisition of weapons in the hands of any citizen, who in USA you can access them only for reasons of being.

In this year alone there have been 215 massive attacks in USA.

It is something that should never happen again.

Rest in peace each of the victims of the arms business in UvaldeTexas.

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