The buzz of the United States: Starbucks targets a boycott after the arrest of two African Americans


The sign apologized after the broadcast of a video showing two men being arrested by police at a Starbucks café.

While America is still busy celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King , a media-mediated incident has come to remind us of the road ahead to end discrimination against African-Americans. A video posted Thursday on Twitter, which has become viral, shows two men in a Philadelphia Starbucks café being stopped and handcuffed by several agents. ” The police were called because these men did not order anything, wrote in a tweet Melissa DePino, the author of the video presents at the time of the facts. They were waiting for a friend, who arrived while his friends were in handcuffs for not doing anything. All other whites wonder why it never happened to us when we do the same thing. ”
@ShaunKing – Melissa DePino (@missydepino) April 12, 2018 Their lawyer then confirmed that they were waiting for the arrival of a third man for an appointment, while the police commissioner from Philadelphia, himself an African-American, assured that his agents had done well after asking for the two men leave the premises several times. He explained that they wanted to use the toilet when they had not consumed anything. Calls for boycott In the face of protests and boycott calls, the company, whose founder Howard Schultz has repeatedly denounced the positions of the Trump administration, apologized on Sunday , assuring that an investigation would be opened. The company’s general manager, Kevin Johnson, said he wants to meet the two men. ” The video taken by customers is hard to watch and the behaviors we see are not representative of our mission and values He said. “The coffee manager never intended to arrest these men and this should never have happened. ”
The mayor of Philadelphia has asked a commission to look into Starbucks’ internal policy and employee training. He told himself “Upset” by which “Is the epitome of racial discrimination in 2018”.
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