The BZ invites you to online wine tasting Weinkult Breisgau with a wine package – Ettenheim

On December 11th it’s that time again: The BZ invites you to an online wine tasting, this time with twelve wines and sects from the Breisgau. The wine box is also perfect as a Christmas present.

Anyone who loves the wines of Breisgau or would like to get to know them can be pleased: After the extremely successful premiere of the first online wine cult Breisgau in Malterdingen in 2020, the Badische Zeitung is now organizing a new edition. It will be broadcast live on Saturday, December 11th, from 6 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. from the Bieselin winery in Ettenheim, which is beautifully situated in the vineyards.

Of course, a wine box with twelve good Breisgau wines from twelve different companies will also be offered in advance for the second online wine cult Breisgau at a special price of 105 euros (plus shipping). If you want, you can order the wine package put together by a jury from the BZ and take part in the wine tasting – for example together with friends. In addition, the second online Weinkult Breisgau cooks and makes music. Since the broadcast remains on the network, it can also be viewed at a later point in time. The wine package also makes a good Christmas present.

Online tasting or face-to-face event?
It was already planned last year to organize the Weinkult Breisgau with around 40 wine-growing businesses from the area from Freiburg to Oberschopfheim as a presence event. But then Corona came and the plans were wasted. Even now, the pandemic situation is still diffuse. That is why the BZ decided to organize the Weinkult Breisgau again as an online event and to broadcast it live again. Because in this way carefree enjoyment can be guaranteed.

Which wines can be tasted?
At the second online Weinkult Breisgau, some well-known companies from last year are again present, for example the Whrle wineries from Lahr, Frey from Denzlingen, Moosmann from Buchholz, Holub from Tutschfelden and Schwrer from Schmieheim. On the other hand, the three winegrowers’ cooperatives Roter Bur Glottertler Winzer, Buchholz / Sexau and Kndringen and the wineries Burkhart from Malterdingen, Bieselin from Ettenheim, Kaltenbach from Gundelfingen and Gallushof from Heimbach are celebrating the premiere of the online version of Weinkult Breisgau. Each company had proposed between two and four wines or sparkling wines in advance. They were tasted by a jury consisting of Barbara Huber (Weingut Huber, Malterdingen), Martin Frey (Weingut Frey, Denzlingen), Horst Holub (Weingut Holub, Tutschfelden) and BZ wine expert Gerold Zink. The result is a wine box with twelve drops that can be seen. The package will be filled with two sparkling wines, six white and four red wines. The range of varieties is enormous. It ranges from a Pinot and a Ros sparkling wine to an Auxerrois and a Muscat to white, gray and Sptburgunders.

Who will discuss the wines on the live broadcast?

Who better to introduce the sparkling wine and the wines than the winemakers and cellar masters who have lovingly made them?

For this reason, a representative from all twelve companies will be personally on site for the live broadcast on Saturday, December 11th and present the wines and sparkling wines in conversation with BZ presenter Gerold Zink and other wine experts. Videos are also shown about the wineries and cooperatives. Finally, a chef from the region will prepare various delicacies during the show. The Desire Lob Band provides an appealing musical framework.

What’s in the wine box?
The wine box contains twelve good Breisgau drops from twelve companies, including wine descriptions. There are also recipes for the dishes that are cooked on the show, plus a shopping list for the ingredients that are needed for them. If you want, you can cook the dishes at home that evening. The all-round carefree package for the second online Weinkult Breisgau is sent to customers a few days before the shipment after purchase.

Twelve wines and sparkling wines

The wine box, which can be ordered for 105 euros until November 26th, contains the following wines:

  • Silanus Ros Sekt 2014 brut, Burkhart Malterdingen winery
  • Pinot Sekt brut, Roter Bur Glottertler winemaker
  • 2020 Weiburgunder Kirchberg dry, Schwrer Schmieheim winery
  • 2020 Weiburgunder Gutswein dry, organic winery Gallushof Heimbach
  • 2020er Wildtal Sommerberg Pinot Gris dry, Weingut Kaltenbach Gundelfingen
  • 2020 Buchholzer Sonnhalde Pinot Gris Sptlese dry, Moosmann Buchholz winery
  • 2020er Auxerrois dry, Weingut Bieselin Ettenheim
  • 2020er Kndringer Alte Burg Muskateller Kabinett, Kndringen wine cooperative
  • 2018 Buchholzer Sonnhalde Sptburgunder Sptlese dry, Winzergenossenschaft Buchholz / Sexau
  • 2019 Sptburgunder dry estate wine, Whrle Lahr winery
  • 2018er Sptburgunder dry, Weingut Holub Tutschfelden
  • 2018 Pinot Noir old vine dry, Frey Denzlingen winery

Where can the live broadcast be seen?

The live broadcast on Saturday, December 11th, 6 p.m., is next to the wine box at the heart of the second online wine cult Breisgau. It is broadcast on the Badische Zeitung website and the BZ YouTube channel. After the live broadcast, the video remains online – to look it up, try it out and party again and again.

pre sales

The Breisgau wine box can be ordered online by November 26 for 105 euros (plus shipping) under BZ-Ticket: Weinkult Breisgau as well as by telephone on 0761/4968888 (Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) and at all BZ branches (as long as Stock lasts). Shipping only in Germany.