The Cabildo will distinguish Masters of Art 2021 – Culture

The delivery ceremony will be on October 20 at 11:00, in the Bicameral Hall of the National Congress.

The figures that will be recognized this year are Mónica González, in visual arts; Feliciano Acosta, in literature; Luis Álvarez, in music; Mary Carmen Niella, in dance; and Jesús Pérez, in theater.

“All of them will become part of the Gallery of the Masters of Art, a space that pays a well-deserved tribute to their hard work,” they expressed from El Cabildo. They also indicated that it is a “tribute of gratitude, with the affirmation of wishes that their respective tasks in favor of the culture of our country continue to harvest their creations in each branch of art.”

Monica Gonzalez. Visual arts

Assumption. 1952. Visual artist and teacher. She has a degree in English and American Civil Language from UNA. He took courses in Painting and Engraving with Livio Abramo. Art Workshops and Seminars with Olga Blinder, as well as with Luis Felipe Noé, Vivian Guggenheim, Rubens Gershmann and others. He has exhibited periodically since 1985 in our country, as well as in Denmark, Argentina, Brazil and other countries, among them, in the Biennials of Sao Paulo, Venice, Havana, Mercosur.

His work appears in numerous Latin American publications, arts events and national and international cultural centers. ISA-FADA teacher. Martel Prize for Painting, 1990; Pre-Selection of the Jacinto Rivero de Faro Prize for the Arts, 2002, First Sculpture Mention in the Oscar Trinidad Grand Prize. His work is part of the collections of the Paraguayan Museum of Contemporary Art, at the Collectors’ Residence in Zurich, Switzerland; Ulm, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Spain, France, USA, Singapore, Japan and others.

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Jesus Pérez. Theater

Asunción, 1937. Theater actor and English teacher. He made his professional debut in 1977, in the play “Espíritu burlón”, with the group Gente de Teatro. Since then, he has not moved away from the stage, sharing scenes with renowned actors such as María Elena Sachero, Margarita Irún, Anita Recalde, Humberto Gulino, Gustavo Ilutovich, Jorge Ramos, Ramón del Río and Miguel Gómez.

He also ventured into television with “Sombras en la noche”, “González vs. Bonetti ”,“ La Chuchi ”, and in cinema, with“ Reading according to Justino ”. He took his talent to Argentina and the US. He received several awards, such as the Cartelera Magazine for Best Theater Actor (in 1993 and 1994) and the Molière for Best Theater Actor (in 1995).

Feliciano Acosta. Literature

Concepción, 1943. Poet, cultural manager and teacher. Degree in Guaraní Language from UNA. As a teacher he worked for many in secondary and university level institutions. He has research on popular literature and cultured literature written in Guaraní. He is a full member of the Academy of the Guaraní Language and was president of the Society of Writers of Paraguay. Among his collections of poems are Ñe’ẽ ryrýi (1983), Mua sa vera (1996), Pyambu (1999), Mombyryete mombyry (2006), Ñe’ẽ ryrýi ryryive (2008) and Pyhare mboyve (2016). He published books for the teaching of the Guaraní language and literature, such as Ñe’ẽpoty aty. Voices of poets in Guaraní (2005) and Guarani ñe’ẽporã. Guaraní Literature (2011). Distinguished as “Guaraní Teacher of the Year 1993”, by the MEC, and “Person of the Year 1994” by Cartelera magazine and La Opinion Weekly.

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Mary Carmen Niella. Dance

Assumption. Choreographer, dancer and teacher of Contemporary Dance and Hatha Yoga. Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering. Her education includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialty in Dance and Composition from the Tisch School of the Arts-New York; intensive contemporary dance courses with several international teachers, training at the BMC Somatic Movement Educator at the School of Body-Mind Centering, USA; Teacher in Hatha Yoga with Pedro Kupfer from the Yogabindu Organization, Brazil. He creates works for his company and for others, such as the National Ballet, the Municipal Classical and Modern Ballet and the ISBA Youth Dance Company. He made presentations in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Contemporary dance teacher of the National Ballet, Higher Institute of Fine Arts, Municipal Institute of Art and others. Selected as representative choreographer for the International Choreographers Residency (ICR) of the American Dance Festival and other scholarships and awards. She is the director of the Study of Waters.

Luis Alvarez. Music

Asunción, 1956. Violinist, composer and arranger. He studied violin with Aniceto Vera Ibarrola at the Municipal Conservatory of Music from where he graduated in 1974 as a senior violin teacher. He was a member of the Symphonic Orchestra of the City of Asunción (OSCA) for 12 years. In the mid-80s he left the symphony to dedicate himself to popular music, as a composer and arranger, integrating various groups, including “Los Hobbies”. At the same time, he directed recordings of folkloric-inspired music with leading performers. Among his creations are: “Navigating towards the sun” (known as San Bernardino), “The girl with the yellow canary”, “Stop that train”, among others. Son of the famous musician Lorenzo Álvarez.