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Home Tech The Caliber Fortnite team competed for hacking during World Cup qualifying

The Caliber Fortnite team competed for hacking during World Cup qualifying

On YouTube, a video was released featuring professional Fortnite player Jonathan & # 39; JonnyK & # 39; Kosmala showed when buying and installing cheats.

"The Fortnite Guy" has uploaded a video that gives JonnyK access to ESP cheats that allow a player to see enemies through objects such as walls and character buildings.

Fortnite World Cup Online Open Qualifier

April 13 was the start of the Fortnite Online Open Qualifiers, which may lead to the Fortnite World Cup, July 26-28.

The Fortnite World Cup Online Open began on April 13th.

The ten weeks of Online Open Qualifiers offer top players $ 10 million, while the main event in New York City has its own prize pool of $ 30 million.

JonnyK was signed to Team Caliber in August 2018 when a number of top organizations sought their shot at the World Cup.

The Fortnite Guy video

A video was posted on YouTube on April 13 by The Fortnite Guy, which was previously exposed Ex-Luminosity Pro Kreo to cheat people through fortnite skins and accounts.

The video "FORBIDDEN PROGRAM FOR HACKING IN THE WORLD CUP!" Since then, he has received over 120,000 views detailing JonnyK's process of buying, installing and banning the use of in-game cheats for Fortnite.

The video of the Fortnite Guy also shows a specific transaction proving that JonnyK bought the cheats himself. In addition, it shows the short process in which it is installed and finally banished by the cheats.

Later it was revealed that The Fortnite Guy was working with the hacker-seller to catch JonnyK.

The hacker, CBV, released his own YouTube video and shared his story page.

Answer by Team Caliber

On April 14, Team Caliber released an official statement on JonnyK, revealing that the organization had decided to remove the player from the squad.

Team Caliber also commented that they have ended their relationship with JonnyK and apologized for having "lost their judgment".

Do you think that more Fortnite pros will be available for cheats?


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