The call is open to support small producers with the purchase of inputs | ELOLFATO.COM

The small agricultural producers of Ibagué You can now request your certificate at the mayor’s office to register for the call that seeks to support them in the purchase of inputs.

The project is from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and also consists of collaborating with producers in the cost of transportation from the place of purchase to the municipal capitals, delivery of inputs, soil analysis and fertilization plans.

In addition, encourage research, development and production of bio-inputs, organic and biological controllers.

To access the benefit, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development provides support to those interested and informs them that the call goes until December 31. In total there are 120 thousand seats nationwide.

In addition, the mayor’s office clarified that the allocation of benefits is carried out directly by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Local Government will issue the certificate as a small producer, an essential document for the registration process.

“At the mayor’s office we will carry out the certification process for small producers, whether in agriculture or agriculture. We are receiving the document where the ownership of one of the producers can be verified”, stressed Soledad Orozco, Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Producers interested in issuing the certificate You should go to the offices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in Carrera Cuarta #6-75, where a visit will be assigned.

“We are attentive and willing to support producers to register for this benefit at the national level, since one of the requirements is the small producer certificate,” Orozco emphasized.

Finally, for greater clarity on who can participate, the following link contains all the information:…