The Calvary of Juan Martin del Potro

During an interview with La Nacion, Juan Martin del Potro spoke of his painful daily life away from the courts. The Argentinian, who had said goodbye last February following numerous injuries, saw an ordeal.

Juan Martin del Potro had said goodbye last February at the ATP 250 tournament in Buenos Aires, due to a knee injury suffered in June 2019. After several operations and abortive returns, the ex-world No. , heartbroken, put away his racket. During a recent interview granted to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, Juan Martin del Potro expressed the difficulties of his daily life due to the consequences of his operations: “Today I can only walk, I do not run, not even on carpet, I can’t climb stairs without pain, and I can’t drive for too long without having to stretch to get rid of the pain. It’s my reality, it’s very hard, very sad, but I’m looking for the best way to improve myself, my new challenge is to find how to digest all this, assimilate what happens to me and the way I get up all mornings to live as well as possible. My head can’t accept a life without tennis. I just didn’t have a smooth transition. I haven’t been able to prepare for retirement and I have no idea what other players who go through this process are doing. I was number three in the world. Then suddenly both of my knees broke. And here I am, with nothing,” he confessed.