The campaign of the Castilla y León Mental Health Federation ‘Get Mental Health. Take care of your well-being ‘helps people to face the’ new normal ‘- Burgos News | – Burgos Digital Newspaper
| 02/07/2020 – 11:16h.

The Castilla y León Mental Health Federation today launches the ‘Get Mental Health. Take care of your well-being ‘with the main objective of helping people who have especially suffered the consequences of social isolation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, in which they have had the support of the Department of Family and Equality of Opportunities of the Junta de Castilla y León charged to the IRPF tax allocation. “Since the beginning of this situation, we have been more aware than anyone of the serious consequences that all this would have on people’s mental health and, therefore, we have wanted to launch this campaign of healthy and preventive advice,” explains Elena. Briongos, president of the entity.

Coinciding with the statements of different experts and medical and scientific societies about the impact of this crisis on the mental health of the population, aggravated during the weeks of confinement, by factors such as loneliness or the socioeconomic situation of each person; The World Health Organization (WHO) also warned that the pandemic would trigger a “massive increase” of this type of problem worldwide in the coming months, so it requested to strengthen psychological services. “The impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the population is a fact that should concern us,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

“Now more than ever we must demand as a society to have the necessary resources to meet these types of needs, and that public administrations do not skimp on it if we do not want to also have to face a ‘pandemic’ of mental health problems”, Briongos concludes.

The Castilla y León Mental Health Federation is committed to resilience and positive psychology, as defense mechanisms of the human mind, which are activated to adapt to and overcome new circumstances. The campaign ‘Get Mental Health. Take care of your well-being ‘is made up of a decalogue of advice and recommendations such as sleep care; sports practice; the healthy alimentation; control of emotions; the care of social relations; share concerns; time organization; the definition of objectives and goals, the practice of meditation and other relaxation techniques, and positive vision.

For the design of this project, the work of the illustrator from Valladolid, Paula Domingo, and the image technique Azucena Carbajosa have been used. “Illustration work as an essential tool for communicating the world of emotions much more quickly and effectively,” explains Paula.

The campaign is made up of a video in which ten proposals for the care and promotion of mental health are collected, in addition to ten micro-videos with each of these tips that will be disseminated throughout the summer months through the different digital platforms of the Federation and the associative movement.


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