The candidates for the next James Bond or 007 agent

The movie saga of the most famous secret agent in the world, James Bond, turns 60. From the first movie of his”Agent 007 vs. Dr. No“(1962) to latest to date”no time to die” (2021), a series of actors have been succeeding each other who have given life to this mythical character.

James Bond skins

As if it were the change of the snakes, the character has been changing actors over the years. Sean Connery, recognized by many as the real James Bond, played the famous secret agent in 6 movies. However, between the first 5 and the sixth there was a film, “007 at the service of His Majesty” (1969), represented by George Lazenby.

After the performances of Sean Connery and of George Lazenbyit was the londoner Roger Moore the one who took the witness. To date, this actor has been the one who has played James Bond in more films, up to a total of 7, between 1973 and 1985.

When the saga seemed destined to fail, came Pierce Brosnan to return her to the top of world cinema. The Irish actor is known as the million dollar Bond for being the first James Bond in staying at the top of the box office in the 4 films he made playing agent 007.

Daniel Craig took witness from Brosnan as James Bond. With his interpretation, “Casino Royale” (2006), became the highest-grossing film in the saga until it was released “Skyfall” (2012), also performed by Daniel Craig. Later they premieredSpectre” (2015) y “no time to die” (2021), a movie more different than usualhave been the last two films performed masterfully by Daniel Craigwho has already given up on continuing to interpret James Bondso the search for a new 007 agent begins.

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Who will be the new James Bond?

Many rumors have arisen after the resignation of Daniel Craig. Perhaps the most widespread was the one that claimed that the actress Lashana Lynch It would be the one that would take the witness, awakening a series of criticisms.

However, a possible list has been revealed, showing the name of the four actors who could be part of the final phase of the casting to play James Bond. In this list appear Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba | y Jacob Elordi.

Tom Hardyknown for playing Venom, is one of the actors. The actor has been linked to the secret agent saga for several years and could play a James Bond rougher and more violent.

The next actor to appear would be Henry Cavill that after his performances as Superman he has earned an important name within the industry. In addition, the actor has already played a similar role in “Mission Impossible: Fallout”. All this together with his natural elegance and his physique, make him a fan favourite.

Another actor that has been rumored over the years is Idris Elba |famous for appearing in the acclaimed series of “The Wire” or in the saga of “Thor”. His elegant character, in addition to being British and London, make him another option to play Agent 007.

The most surprising option is the one that relates to Jacob Elordi con James Bond. This young Australian actor, famous for his role in “Euphoria” or in the movie “Deep water” enters the scene before an option by the saga to make a much more modern reboot and in which another type of story would be considered.

In the hypothetical case that the option chosen was Jacob Elordi, classics in James Bond cinema would be adapted to modern times. For example, this change could end the classic and famous scenes that the character has in the casino, being replaced by others in which this type of action is carried out but from the mobile or a computer. This would be possible thanks to the fact that, today, platforms such as VSO among many They allow the game online and from anywhere in the world. In addition, you can find up to 10,000 different types of free slot machines, among many other games such as Blackjack or the famous roulette wheels that appear in the secret agent movies. These types of services would offer the opportunity to revolutionize these scenes on a large scale.

Without a doubt, we are looking forward to discovering who will continue the legacy started by Sean Connery and with the prior interpretation of Daniel Craig. Who’s your bet? we read you