The candidates to preside over the Film Academy rule out the series in the Goya


The Film Academy has hosted this Thursday, May 12, the act of presentation of the candidacies for the presidency of the institution, which have ruled out the possibility that the series form part of it, either as academics or with some category in the Goya Awards.

The candidates to replace Mariano Barroso at the head of the Academy are led by Valérie Delpierre (Documentary), Luisa Gavasa (Interpretation), Teresa Medina (Direction of Photography) and Fernando Méndez-Leite (Direction). The election will take place on June 4.

“We consider it very positive that there are infrastructures that can give work to the technicians, but if what we are talking about is integrating candidacies for the best series in the Goya, we are not in favor. There are spaces for these series and surely they do not have to coexist in the Academy of Cinema”, explained Delpierre.

Along the same lines, Rafael Portela (within Méndez-Leite’s candidacy) has expressed himself, who considers that the “work” of the Academy is to “fight for cinema”. “This touches us because we love cinema. This debate was already faced some time ago, it was discussed within the Academy and it was decided that we were cinema”, he pointed out.

For her part, the screenwriter Virginia Yagüe (in Gavasa’s candidacy) has highlighted that her intention is to focus on cinema because “there is still a lot to do”. “This house is that of Spanish cinema and there is already another specific television academy for series,” she pointed out. Despite being asked, Medina’s candidacy has not commented on the matter.

The debate on the access of the series to the Film Academy comes from afar. Recently, with the Cinema Law -which for the first time brings together series and films under the same law-, this issue was reopened and the president of the Academy, Mariano Barroso, acknowledged in an interview with Europa Press before the last Awards Goya that it was “a complex subject”.

“The Film Academy, after a very long debate a couple of years ago, decided that the definition of cinema for us goes beyond the concept of anything that can be seen on any screen. For us, cinema is the act of sharing in a room collectively an emotional experience, which does not mean that we do not applaud all the jobs and the vitality of the industry”, he acknowledged, although leaving a door open. “It’s a very changing time,” she pointed out three months ago.


Throughout an act of more than an hour, the applicants have advanced some of their proposals, although they have yet to be finalized. For example, the importance of “reconnecting” Spanish cinema with part of the citizenry has been insisted on, as the designer Cristina Rodríguez has recalled –within the only candidacy with three technical categories, that of Medina–.

“Many times when they have asked me what I do for a living and I say that to the cinema, they tell me that phrase of ‘I will never see a Spanish film’. It is difficult because we have had very bad press, but we make Spanish films that the world likes whole and more and more this is being recognised”, Rodríguez pointed out.

Along the same lines, Yagüe has also reiterated the objective of his candidacy to “demolish clichés” in Spanish cinema. “For too many years the cinema of this country has been weighed down by clichés and we want to achieve a change of point of view to be a cultural and economic agent of the first order”, she has remarked.

Another point in common has been the importance of the “decentralization” of the Academy. “We must try to collect all the professionals from outside Madrid and the largest cities and attract them to the Academy”, Climent remarked. “Decentralization is not just about having a Goya gala in a different place every year, but about reaching many territories with our activities,” Pérez Solano pointed out.


Valérie Delpierre (Documentary) is running for election accompanied by Amparo Climent (Interpretation) and Alicia Luna (Script), while Luisa Gavasa (Interpretation) is backed by Juan Vicente Córdoba (Director) and Virginia Yagüe (Script).

The candidacy presented by Teresa Medina (Director of Photography) is completed by Pilar Pérez Solano (Documentary) and Cristina Rodríguez (Costume Design) and is made up only of technicians. Finally, Fernando Méndez-Leite (Director) forms a team with Rafael Portela (Production) and Susi Sánchez (Interpretation).