the candidates Together and Rassemblement national in ballotage in the 3rd constituency

Find the results of the first round of the legislative elections in the 3rd constituency of Var, made up in particular of La Crau, La Garde, and the east and west of the town of Hyères-les-Palmiers, where Isabelle Monfort and Stephane Rambaud are on waivers.

In 2020, when Jean-Louis Masson was re-elected mayor of La Garde, it was Edith Audibert (LR) who recovered her seat. The member has decided not to run again. At 74, his record on this end of his parliamentary term shows a single amendment proposed in the hemicycle, which was also refused.

Valérie Rialland, the president of the commission for Education and colleges at the Departmental Council of the Var who took up the colors of the Republicans for this election. But that will not be enough.

It is the candidate of Ensemble who is leading the ballot, with 27.78% of the vote, who finds herself in a ballot with the candidate of the National RallyStephane Rambaud, and his 27.03% of the vote.

In third place, it is the NUPES which obtains 16.27% of the votes thanks to the candidacy of Julia Peironet-Bremond.

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In a quarter of a century, the constituency has never swung out of the right-wing current now embodied by Les Républicains. During the June 2017 vote, for the legislative elections, Jean-Louis Masson won his seat with 51.38% of the vote, ahead of the candidate of the Republic in March, Alexandre Zapolsky.

For this June 12 vote, these are 13 candidates, representing a broad political spectrum who turned up at the polls, including the regionalist party, the RN, Reconquest, or even more localized parties, such as the direct constructive Citizen Assembly of Var.

The names of all the candidates below.

1 – Mme Delphine ROLLAND REG
2 – M. Alexis DOMINIAK ECO
3 – M. Geoffrey DENIZART DSV
4 – M. Florian FIMBEL DIV
5 – Mrs Salomé BENYAMIN REC
6 – Mrs Isabelle MONFORT ENS
7 – M. Olivier CALABRO DVD
8 – M. Pierre DEIDON DXG
10 – Mr. Michel GREGOIRE ECO
11 – Mrs Magalie STORTZ ECO
12 – Mrs Valerie RIALLAND LR
13 – M. Stephane RAMBAUD RN

Their professions of faith are available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.