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New features in Microsoft Edge rolled out so you can discover, learn, watch and play right from the browser on your desktop device


Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President / Microsoft Latin America

Did you know that there are more than 3 billion gamers in the world? That’s almost half the population on the entire planet! This global community of people shares a passion for gaming and it’s only growing: Two-thirds of Americans – people of all ages, races, genders, abilities, and backgrounds – play video games, showing the diversity of gamers. Seventy-five percent of US households have at least one gamer, and watching games online is as popular as watching sports broadcasts.

Microsoft is fully involved in gaming and, as we recently announced, we are in the process of building a platform for the next 20 years that delivers the games gamers want on whatever device they want to play. Our teams across the company continue to collaborate to deliver amazing gaming experiences across all devices, whether you like to play on your Xbox console, Windows PC, phone, or tablet. As part of this exciting effort, Microsoft Edge is evolving to meet the needs of gamers and help bring gaming to everyone, everywhere.

Microsoft Edge is the best browser for gamers, and I’m excited to share the exclusive new gaming features rolled out today for you to discover, learn, watch, and play right from the browser on your desktop device. Plus, we’re partnering closely with Xbox to deliver an even better, more connected experience when playing games in the cloud.

A new homepage created for gamers

With the new games start page in Microsoft Edge, you can start playing as soon as you launch your browser. It’s tailored to your interests and designed to keep you connected to the content you care about, like news, game guides, live streams, game highlights, tournaments, and upcoming and newly released games. And if they sign in with their Xbox account, they’ll get Xbox content, like games they might like, and easy access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming library, including recently played games and related content. If they have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, they can even launch and start playing games with Xbox Cloud Gaming right in the browser.

Try out the new games home page by clicking the Games heading in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Level up with clearer, sharper graphics

Great games transport us to other worlds through immersive images. We understand how important it is to continue to innovate for more vivid and realistic graphics because it makes for a better gaming experience. We knew this had to be a key focus when we set out to create the best browser for gamers. That’s why I’m so proud of our team’s work to bring you Clarity Boost, a feature exclusive to Microsoft Edge that enhances console gaming with Xbox Cloud Gaming. Clarity Boost is a spatial scaling enhancement that makes game streaming look clearer and sharper while playing games in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and 11. It uses a set of client-side scaling enhancements to improve the visual quality of the video stream. Clarity Boost lets you play the most advanced games on the market and experience stunning graphics right from Microsoft Edge, whether you’re on your high-end PC gaming rig or tablet. And, thanks to Microsoft’s partnership with Epic Games, you can try and play Fortnite today with no subscription required. [1]Go play with your friends. Create your free Xbox account and activate Clarity Boost to experience some incredible graphics.

While in-game, click the (…) in the top left corner of the game to enable Clarity Boost.

Boost better performance for Windows PC gaming

When playing a game on their Windows PC, gamers want and deserve the best possible performance and that requires maximizing their PC’s resources for the gaming experience. Through a new setting in Efficiency mode, Microsoft Edge helps improve gaming performance in Windows 10 and 11 to help games run fast and smoothly by automatically reducing browser resource usage when running. start a PC game. With this feature, they don’t need to close the browser to play and reopen it when they’re done. As soon as they close the game, Microsoft Edge will exit Efficiency mode and take them back to where they left off.

To enable this, just go to your browser settings and enable Efficiency Mode for PC gaming under the System and Performance tab.

One-click access to free casual games

I still remember the first time I played Microsoft Solitaire, back in the old days of Windows 3.1. We built Microsoft Edge for all gamers, including people like me who aren’t hardcore gamers but enjoy a fun casual game every once in a while. Therefore, we created a dedicated games menu where you can find a variety of free arcade and casual games. The Games menu gives you one-click access to classics like Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft Jewel, Microsoft Mahjong, and our exclusive Microsoft Edge Surf Game. Start playing your favorite game now or browse to discover your new favorite game and enjoy a little break between tasks during the day. To access the Games menu, click the more options menu (…) in the upper right corner of the browser, and then select Games from the list.

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