The captain said, “Pray, we have no other options.” – Merchant Navy | Nigeria Ship

It was a trip from the Gulf to the US. The ship is full of crude oil. The ship had crossed the Mediterranean and entered the Atlantic. That day, the sea became unusually rough. The ship tossed in the storm. Even the life-saving equipment on the ship fell into the sea. The employees were helpless. The captain was a Briton, a believer in God. He called the staff together and said: “Pray. There are no other options in front of us.” While talking about his experience 30 years ago, Kottikulam Merchant Navy Club President Palakunnil said that there is no fear of facing death in the words of the child. I have seen many things in my 35 years long naval career. Faced with pirates. With the same calmness with which he shared that experience, he said: ”There is nothing so adventurous about sailing. It is not very realistic to say that a sailor can sail around the world. Just want to go around the sea. A job Excellent salary. That is the main factor that attracts a merchant mariner to the sea. Everything else is secondary. But on that journey to make ends meet, something totally unexpected might happen. A sailor’s life is like the sea, completely unpredictable. Manorama Online Premium Sunday Special is about that journey full of car and call. When the lives of ship crews, including Malayalees, who were recently arrested by the Nigerian Navy for crimes such as crude oil theft and piracy are discussed, about the sea, about the journey, about the experiences of death…