The car involved in the accident flew into the air in a residential area in Vas County – video

Most people are sure that so far they have only seen something that was recorded by a surveillance camera in a village called Torony in Vas County on Friday afternoon.

A Fiat, well exceeding the permitted speed limit, was heading towards Szombathely from the Austrian border, when an error slipped into the maneuver. Infostart writes in detail about the accident that the driver of the Fiat collided tangentially with a Lancia turning left, as a result of which the former car drifted against an advertising sign on the left side of the direction of travel, then rose into the air and finally stopped on its side.

Miraculously, no one was killed in the accident. The driver of the Fiat – who was not wearing a seat belt – was injured in the collision, but the two adults and two children traveling in the Lancia escaped the accident unscathed, and their car was only slightly damaged.