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The car of the strategy advisor of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Police Councilor removed from the public highway due to lack of insurance

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Parked in a reserved area in front of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Local Police headquarters. From that place they removed this Tuesday agents of that body, with the help of a municipal crane, the black Mercedes coupe of the strategy advisor of the Councilor for Citizen Security and Mobility of the City Council, the defector Evelyn Alonso. The vehicle lacked mandatory insurance, according to official sources confirmed to this newspaper, what the agents realized when they entered the license plate in a computer application that offers all kinds of information.

The police deployment did not go unnoticed by the theoretical owner of the car, Alonso’s advisor, Enrique Ernesto Rosales, who immediately approached the agents to try to prevent the removal of the car. Rosales got rid of all kinds of explanations, despite the fact that the vehicle no longer appears in his name, but that of a brother, which is the one to whom this and other sanctions that are accumulating under the same license plate will finally be addressed.

Among other excuses, the strategic advisor told the agents that it was most likely that the annual fee from the insurance company was charged against a checking account with which it no longer operates and it could be that it is without funds.

Rosales ended up removing the car from the paddock after paying the required 80 euros.

This newspaper has not been able to obtain the direct version of the affected person, despite having requested it through the regulatory channel, that is, the Press Office of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council.

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Enrique Ernesto Rosales was one of those characters who got on Ciudadanos when that party incorporated thousands of people from all over Spain to swell its lists, leading to a success that later turned out to be ephemeral. Rosales, who had no previous political experience, was a councilor along with Evelyn Alonso, the only person who currently has on his resume to be the first defector in the history of that consistory.

This advisor, who boasts in his resume of having worked for the Royal Household in 2004 and for the UN “as a liaison for Francophone countries”, reached the status of spokesman in the previous term thanks to some maneuvers that ended with the resignation of the head of list of the formation, the lawyer Roberto Elices, who left for his house a year after the beginning of the mandate. Rosales continued to reposition himself until he was appointed president of the Special Committee for Suggestions and Claims, a position from which he deepened his intimate friendship with the then mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, of the Canary Islands Coalition, who now a year ago regained the mayor’s office thanks precisely to the vote Evelyn Alonso’s turncoat, now her boss.

Enrique Rosales ended up being expelled from Ciudadanos, an extreme that he has publicly denied.


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