The Cardinal praises the Pope for supporting abortionists

In a recent press conference on his way back from Slovakia, Francis had the opportunity to answer journalists’ questions about abortion-related issues. The Pope did say that “abortion is murder” and the politicians supporting it are “outside the community” of the Church. However, when asked about giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, he avoided an unequivocal answer, claiming that it was a “not theological but a pastoral” issue and the decision should be left to the clergyman distributing Communion.

Pope’s position on communion for abortionists unclear

“Communion is not the reward for being perfect,” said the Pope, citing his own teaching expressed in the Apostolic Exhortation The gospel of joy. “These are poor people who are temporarily out [wspólnotą Kościoła]but they are children of God and they need our ministry ”- this is how Francis described politicians working for the“ right ”to kill unborn children. “If we give them a chance, they will come closer to us. And this enriches our lives and, hopefully, also theirs, ”he added.

Pope Francis declined to answer the question about the US case, which has been famous for a year, stating that he “does not know the details of the case” and therefore “speaks of general principles.” Let us recall, however, that a high papal official, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Card. Luis Ladaria, personally prevented the American episcopate from taking decisive steps to respect the Church’s teaching on not giving Communion to those who advocated abortion. As a result of the Vatican’s intervention, the so-called a document on Eucharistic coherence was put into question.

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– What is a shepherd supposed to do? To be a shepherd, not to resort to condemnation. To be a shepherd because he is a shepherd also for the excommunicated. A shepherd in the style of God, marked by closeness, compassion and tenderness – said the Pope.

Card. Gregory: “It Was Helpful”

The Pope’s unclear position on the consequences of advocating abortion was picked up by his appointed Cardinal, Metropolitan of Washington, Wilton Gregory. At the end of last year, he declared that he would not refuse Holy Communion to Joe Biden, who was carrying out a radical abortion agenda.

Currently, the hierarch, speaking on the occasion of taking over the titular Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in Grottarossa in Rome, referred to the words of Francis. “I think [wypowiedź papieża] she was extremely helpful and reminded the bishops, all of us, that we are not there [podczas Mszy] as the police, we are there as shepherds. ”

A cardinal who “does not point out mistakes”

Since the role of the bishop “is not only to point out their mistakes,” Card. Gregory pointed out that bishops should “receive” and engage in “attracting.” [proaborcyjnych polityków] closer to the life of the Church and we must do it more effectively, more publicly, ”he argued.

As Michael Haynes reports on LifeSiteNews, “the cardinal, who has a long history of anti-family, anti-life and anti-Catholic abuses, made his final remarks in line with those he made a year ago when he defended communion to pro-abortion Joe Biden. Gregory then noted that Biden was receiving communion during his eight years as vice president under Barack Obama and stated, “I’m not going to leave this.”

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Card. Gregory on the Tridentine Mass and Vaccines

On the occasion of his speech, Card. Wilton Gregory also spoke about the restrictions that Pope Francis imposed on the Holy Mass in the classical rite with his motu proprio Keepers of the tradition. According to the progressive hierarch, the Pope “acted wisely” and “pastoral”. According to the Archbishop of Washington, the Pope was guided by a concern for the unity of the Church, which he supported “with heart and soul” by issuing such an act. “And let’s hope that will be the end result of his decision.”

Taking over the titular church in Rome was for Cardinal Gregory also provides an opportunity to support vaccination campaigns against COVID-19. The Hierarchy considered that not taking the vaccine was “nonsense” because it was a “source of protection” for people. As you can easily guess, the cardinal has no doubts about the unethical vaccines, created with the involvement of the abortion industry.

– It is hard to imagine someone opposing on religious grounds, since the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, both accepted it, I accepted it, and a large number of Church leaders, not only Catholic Church leaders, but Church leaders around the world, took the vaccine as a sign to their people that it is an activity that is helpful for their lives and the lives of their relatives, he argued.

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