The cares to take during your exercise at home with the consumption of proteins

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Poorly administered beverages and supplements can cause serious health problems. These should only be consumed if there is great physical wear

Margarita Coneo Rincón –

“The human body is made up of thousands of proteins with essential functions for the survival of the organism, such as the growth and normal function of cells and tissues. From the nutritional perspective, proteins constitute a series of molecules called macronutrients, the adequate intake of these is particularly important at all times of the life cycle, “explained Ligia Guerrero, nutritionist and professor at the National University.

Now, these vital proteins for the body and the development of daily life can be found in different foods in the basic diet. These can be of plant or animal origin, the difference between the two lies in the composition and amount of amino acids present; a determining aspect because there are some that the body cannot produce on its own, these are essential.

On the other hand, protein powder is a supplement made, for the most part, from plant components but specially designed to fulfill some particular purposes of different athletes. There are some that contain a large amount of calories and others that have much lower, as well as carbohydrate levels; so it is essential to consult a professional before starting to consume them.

“You have to take into account the characteristics of proteins, not all are the same; There are some to increase muscle mass, others to maintain or decrease muscle mass, and others that are additional supplements and have specialized or isolated amino acids. So according to the objective and the need of the person who wants to consume this type of protein, they should also study and make a choice of this type of supplement, ”said Mariah Molina, nutritionist and training leader in sports nutrition training at Bodytech.

Although they are quite common products among people who exercise and lead a healthy life, they are not recommended for people who do not have a high level of physical demand since the body’s protein needs can be met only with daily food.

Molina also explained that to determine if the protein is adequate, factors such as: age, if the person has any pre-existing pathology that may influence the process, or do not, suitable for the consumption of these products, the amount and frequency of physical activity, among other key factors such as weight. Furthermore, the amount and frequency of protein is determined by this process as well..

Guerrero stated that “using supplements is the appropriate advice that could compromise people’s health and physiological state. The recommendation should always be evaluated by a nutritionist or health professional. ” This is a key factor since it must be taken into account that they cannot substitute any of the meals of the day.


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