The Caribbean island of Barbados seeks to triple tourism

The Caribbean island of Barbados seeks to triple tourism

There is a wide range of trips, gastronomy and hotels in this paradise of beaches, with blue waters and white sands
The Caribbean island of Barbados, with its blue waters, its white and pink beach, its lighthouses and its capital full of bridges, tries to triple the amount of tourists it receives per year, from 200,000 to 600,000 visitors, with more flights to Latin America, a wide gastronomic offer and “hotels for all budgets”, informed the authorities today.

“In a year of strong tourism growth, Barbados is once again top of the list of winners after overtaking destinations such as the Seychelles or Bermuda, as the number one destination according to the 2017 Destination Satisfaction Index,” he said. William Griffith, manager of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI),

According to that study, more than 70,000 tourists interviewed in the world, who opined in 20 categories about beaches, accommodation, gastronomy and shopping, the island “obtained the highest global score, 8.8 out of 10 of the 144 countries included.

“It is a great advantage because with our publicity actions we will expand this message to travelers in priority and growing destinations such as the United States and Latin America,” he said.

He said they were going to “make known the attributes of Barbados as its connectivity, which now includes a new partnership with Copa Airlines -which goes to several points in Argentina- with a direct flight from Panama, lodging for all kinds of pockets, natural beauty and gastronomic quality “.

Griffith added that they had “the best accommodations in the world because Barbados hotels are in constant transformation, and during 2017 the destination has had about 43 renovations” so they expected to hit the jump in number of visitors in the next two years.

The island, independent in 1966, has a population of less than 300,000 inhabitants in an area of ​​431 square kilometers, almost twice the size of the city of Buenos Aires, with a population of 95% black, which still recognizes Isabel as sovereign II of England since it is part of the community of British nations.

Regarding the local currency, the Barbadian dollar, the change is very advantageous for Argentines because their currency is worth half the American dollar and it is a country that is all free port with a large number of shops.

The 80 beaches that the island has can be divided into “mansas y bravas”, east or west, depending on where the wind blows, so they will be better for scuba diving between stones or windsurfing, in the west, and better for the surf on the east side.

The place is a coral key so it does not have much height and the highest elevation reaches 336 meters above sea level, despite which has at least four lighthouses that visitors walk among other things for their legends and views they offer.

For that geography, its capital, Bridgetown – declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, since 2011 – is full of beautiful bridges, as its name indicates, many of which overlook the sea and are surrounded by marine swamps and mangroves, which they separate them from the city where English architectural styles predominate: Tudor, Norman or Welsh, in the middle of the most ultramodern designs.

As in other Caribbean islands, Barbados is also considered to be the place where Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, but it is best to avoid this conversation to maintain cordiality, however much the visitor may remember that the Genoese unwittingly docked on the island of Guanahani, baptized by the navigator as San Salvador.

The entire country has a maximum length of 34 kilometers by 23 wide and has routes to “take a turn of less than 100 kilometers” along the coast, except in the south where foothills force to go towards the center of the land .

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