The case. Don Giuseppe Agnello speaks: “Io priest no vax? Listen to my homilies” – Tempo Stretto

Don Giuseppe Agnello, at the center of the controversy over the no vax homilies, defends his social activity and his preaching. The mayor of Sant’Agata Militello urges the Curia

He ended up in the storm after an article in La Stampa. The mayor of Sant’Agata Militello distanced himself and urged an equal stance from the Curia. But Don Giuseppe Lamb he doesn’t stay there and goes his own way: “My guide is the Word of God, conscience enlightened in prayer and reason is my only answer ”.

The 43-year-old priest originally from Acquedolci, hat of the Santagatese hospital, has been the “no vax priest” for all of Italy since yesterday precisely for the use of homilies, broadcast on Youtube by the Himmel association. Homily he defends: “Listening to them you understand what a priest I am and what I mean”, he explains, without taking any step back.

Bruno mancuso

“The echo that in a few hours the news had and that made the name of the city of Sant’Agata Militello bounce on the various news reports, requires, in full respect of the opinions of each one, a firm distance from the administration municipal, which has always been convinced with all its means to support the vaccination campaign as the only solution to defeat Covid. I immediately felt with the Episcopal Curia of Patti, with which a profound collaborative spirit binds us historically as well as sharing in particular the importance of vaccination, and I was reassured about the due attention with which the issue is already being evaluated. “, Said Bruno, the mayor of Sant’Agata last night Mancuso.