The case of a killed blogger: The police made a mistake, the mystery around a friend does not end

He’s a coward. This is how the father of the slain American blogger Gabba Petit said about her fiancé Brian Laundri in a TV interview for the show Dr. Phil. The death of a young girl a few weeks ago hit America, and the investigation into the crime is one of the most watched by the public in recent years. Gabby Petit was known on social networks, where she published articles about her relationship with her fiancé and especially their journey through American national parks.

At the end of August, she stopped responding, and in the second half of September, her body was found in a national park in the state of Wyoming. For more than a month now, police have been searching for Laundri, who has disappeared without a trace on days when Gabby was missing. The search is still unsuccessful. Every step of the investigators is under scrutiny, and they also receive a number of tips. “After someone mistakenly considered him wanted, police arrested a man in the previous days who looked like Brian Laundrie. He was on a hike. Subsequently, federal agents advised him to shave his beard to avoid further complications, “the Independent server outlines.

Police are currently looking for Laundrie in Carlton’s reservation in the state of Florida. According to his parents, the twenty-three-year-old man was supposed to go there. The reservation is located not far from their residence. So far, the search in a large area full of swamps has not yielded results. Some time ago, the police seemed to have new information in hand. “The investigation revealed new details about his earlier movement, and traces were also discovered in the searched nature reserve, which was closed to the public. According to a source close to the family, the police found the remains of a recently used camp, “CNN informed. But even in this case, in the end it was a blind trail.

According to an earlier statement, the police wanted to invite Father Brian Laundrie to search the reservation to show them which places the young man knows best. “Chris Laundrie has probably joined the police in the search,” the Independent reported. Brian Laundrie’s family hopes the young man is still alive. “Investigators say there is a 50 percent chance that Laundrie is still alive,” the Independent said.

To fall

Laundrie has not yet been formally charged in the Gabby Petit case, but is considered a suspect. He has also been issued an arrest warrant for the illegal use of a foreign credit card. Laundrie took about a thousand dollars from the card on the days when Gabby stopped talking to the world. FBI agents and police officers did not disclose to whom the credit belonged. According to some unofficial sources, it may have belonged to Gabby, but so far it is only speculation.

Although police have not yet directly identified Laundrie as a murderer, the American public is clear. There have even been several protests in front of Laundrie’s house, in which people called on the wanted man and his parents to report to the police. On social media, Americans write emotionally about the desire for Laundrie to be arrested and convicted. “The charge of murder is about to fall,” said Palm Beach Attorney Dave Aronberg.

However, something similar has not yet been mentioned by the investigating authorities. Their representatives continue to refer to Laundrie as a “person of interest” – a person who can provide vital information about an act, either as an offender or as a witness.

Last way

Last week, after weeks of waiting, investigators finally revealed exactly how Gabby Petit died. According to the coroner, she was strangled. Pathologist Brent Blue also suggested that Petit and Laundrie’s relationship may have been marked by domestic violence.

Gabby Petit’s family had previously held a final farewell to the young woman. Now that the autopsy is over, the authorities will release the victim’s body to the family. “Gabby’s parents are currently in the state of Wyoming, where their daughter was killed. After the remains were issued to them, the body was taken to a local crematorium for cremation, “the Independent server reports.

Come back

In previous weeks, both Gabby Petit’s parents and relatives and Brian Laundrie’s sister appeared on television in emotional interviews. She urged her brother to return home. “I’d like to tell my brother to show up and get us out of this terrible mess,” she told ABC.

Cassie Laundrie also admitted that her brother’s relationship with Gabby was problematic. “It was common for them to argue. But people claim to have seen domestic violence between them. I’ve never seen anything like it in any of them, “she said on the ABC television show Good Morning America.

In a TV interview on Dr. Phil and Gabby Petit’s parents said her father said she hoped Brian Laundrie was still alive. “I want to see him in prison, I want him to spend the rest of his life in a cell. He is a man who loves nature. I want him in a concrete cell and he can’t see the trees, he can smell the fresh air, “said Joe Petito. Neither he nor Gabby’s mother believe that Brian disappeared because he was shocked by Gabby’s death.

False trail

Gabby Petit’s family also called Brian Laundrie’s parents a coward. Some sources claim that his parents may be covering Brian Laundrie. It turned out that he left the house even before his parents told the police.

The Laundries originally told them that their son had left the house on 14 September. Police were told three days later. Evidence now emerged that Brian had gone to the Florida Reservation on September 13th. Police found that an abandoned car was found not far from the entrance to the reservation on September 14, which belonged to the parents of the wanted young man. Information about the date was also confirmed to ABC News by Brian Laundrie’s parents’ lawyer, Steven Bertolino. “The Laundries remembered the date of Brian’s departure based on memories of certain events. In further communication with the FBI, we now believe that the day Brian went on the tour to the reservation was Monday, September 13, “Bertolino said.

According to lawyer Brian Laundrie’s parents, he believes he is still on a Florida reservation. At the end of September, the family rejected speculation that it would help its son in any way. “Chris and Robert Laundrie don’t know where Brian is. They’re worried about him and hope the FBI finds him. Public and media speculation that his parents helped Brian escape the house and avoid arrest on the basis of an arrest warrant that was issued after Brian had been missing for several days is simply wrong, “said family lawyer Bertolino.


The American server CNN compiled a timeline of the events that led to the disappearance and discovery of Gabby Petit.

June 2021
– Fiancés Gabby Petit and Brian Laundrie embarked on a trip through American national parks in a modified white Ford van;
– a trip to the west coast and a visit to national parks in the western states of America were planned;
– Petitová shared the journey on social networks and with her family, regular communication stopped at the end of August.

August 2021
– Police met a couple in Moab, Utah, on August 12 with a couple who were allegedly arguing, resulting in a video recorded on an official camera;
– a fight was to take place during the quarrel that day, the couple subsequently stated that they were very in love and engaged, they also did not want the incident to be dealt with as a criminal act;
– the couple split up for the night according to CNN on the recommendation of the police;
– the police described Petit as confused and emotional;
– police did not see the situation as domestic violence, but rather as a “mental health crisis”;
– According to a police report, both had their mobile phones.

The last week of August
– The last contact between Petit and her family was to take place in the last week of August;
– is believed to have resided at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming at the time;
– the last report should have been received by the Petit family on 30 August, but according to the family lawyer, they believe that this report was no longer from her;
– On August 24, Petit called her mother via video call, saying she was leaving Utah for Wyoming;
– On August 25, Petit exchanged a series of messages with her mother, the family believes that she was already in the Teton Mountains at that time;
– On August 27, Petit exchanged another series of messages with her mother, the family believes that she was still in the Teton Mountains;
– On August 30, the family received the last message from Gabby Petit, but they doubt that she would write this message, according to the lawyer, the message was “There is no signal in Yosemite”.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
– Petit’s fiancé returned to the town of North Port, where he, Petit and his parents lived;
– The van in which they traveled was later found by the police at Laundrie’s home, the police will analyze the tracks in the car.

Saturday, September 11, 2021
– After the Petit family living in New York State failed to reunite with Gabby, they reported her disappearance;
– the police visited her fiancé in North Port that day and asked to be interviewed with him and his family;
– According to police spokesman Josh Taylor, “they basically just passed the information on to their lawyers”.

Thursday 16 September 2021
– According to the Petit lawyer, her fiancé’s family and his family asked for cooperation;
– “If you still have any remnants of decency, please tell me where Gabby is. Tell us if we are looking for the right place. All we want is for Gabby to come back, “said Stafford’s lawyer, Petit’s representative;
– According to Stafford, the Laundrie family refused to answer Petit’s requests and questions in early September.

Friday, September 17, 2021
– After several days of police efforts, she persuaded her fiancé’s family to speak, saying she had not seen Brian Laundrie since Tuesday;
– according to the Laundrie family’s lawyer, it is not known where he is;
– The FBI is currently trying to find out where he might be at Brian Landrie’s home;
– local and federal authorities begin the search for Brian Laundrie;
– is wanted as missing, not as a suspect;
– According to the Petit family, he is hiding.

Saturday, September 18, 2021
– Police begin searching for Brian Laundrie in the Carlton Reservation in Florida;
– At the same time, the FBI was searching the Teton Mountains in Wyoming for Gabby Petit.

Sunday, September 19, 2021
– The FBI reported the finding of remains that matched Twenty-two-year-old Petit’s description;

Monday, September 20, 2021
– The FBI interrogated her fiancé Gabba Petit’s parents
– after interrogation, Christopher and Robert Laundrie were taken from their home, which was then searched by the FBI for several hours
– According to police, the search for clues in the national park, where, according to some indications, Brian Laundrie may have been, ended

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
– According to the FBI, the coroner confirmed that the remains of a young woman in the national park belonged to Gabby Petit, and also stated that she had been murdered
– the exact cause of death will be published by the authorities only after the autopsy

Thursday, September 23, 2021
– A court in the state of Wyoming, where Laundrie and Petit were together, and where the body of a blogger was found, issued a federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundrie. Concerns the misuse of someone else’s account and credit card – according to the text of the arrest warrant, Laundrie used a non-his account and PIN and withdrew more than a thousand dollars

Sunday, September 26, 2021
– The last farewell to Gabby Petit took place on Long Island, New York, in addition to family and acquaintances, hundreds of people came to him who were affected by the tragic story

Early October 2021
– New evidence has shown that Brian Laundrie disappeared from the house on Monday 13 September, not Tuesday 14 September, as his parents later told police. This information was also confirmed by a lawyer of the Laundri family
– A recently used campground was discovered in a Florida reservation where Brian Laundrie could be staying

Mid-October 2021
– Investigators have finally published the cause of Gabba Petit’s death – according to the coroner, she was strangled