The case of Naira Ashraf.. A new decision on the appeal submitted by the murderer

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The Court of Cassation postponed consideration of the appeal of Muhammad Adel, who was sentenced to death for the murder of his fellow student, Mansoura Naira Ashraf, by an administrative postponement for the next February 9 session.

The court had decided, earlier, to consider the appeal memorandum submitted by lawyer Farid El-Deeb, against the death sentence issued against the student, Muhammad Adel, the murderer of Naira Ashraf, in the January 26 session.

The decision to postpone the first hearings to stop the execution of the death sentence issued against the accused, Muhammad Adel, came because there was an official holiday in the country on this date.

An incident that shook Egypt

Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, the Attorney General, on June 22, ordered the transfer of the accused, Muhammad Adel, to the Criminal Court, to punish him for what he was accused of premeditatedly killing the victim student, where he intended and determined to kill her and track her down until he won her in front of Mansoura University and surprised her with several Stabbed with a sharp instrument and slaughtered her, intending to take her life. The referral decision came 48 hours after the accident.

It is noteworthy that the student, Mohamed Adel, had slaughtered his young classmate, Naira Ashraf, in front of the university gate in the city of Mansoura, north of Cairo, on June 20, for refusing to associate with him, in an incident that shook the Egyptian street.

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