The case of Ruban: experts on accusations of Savchenko in preparation military coup

The case of Ruban: experts on accusations of Savchenko in preparation
 military coup

Lured on its side fighting in the Donbass battalion for 2 million dollars and wanted to supply it with weapons DNR

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Savchenko is ready to blame for an attempted armed seizure of power . This is reported by sources in the Ukrainian media. Allegedly for $ 2 million she was going to lure one of the battalions fighting in the Donbas and hand over to him the weapons that Vladimir Liban, who was recently detained by the Security Service for preparing an assassination attempt against President Poroshenko, brought from DNR and LNR. By the way, the SBU itself had already summoned Nadezhda for questioning, but she went on time to Strasbourg – at a meeting of the PACE.


On the morning of March 13, Ukrainian media outlets burst into a sensation: a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Nadezhda Savchenko, fled from justice to Russia. This was stated by deputy head of the “People’s Front” faction Andrei Teteruk. According to him, she took refuge in the territory of the “aggressor”, because she was afraid that she would be put on the bunks next to the head of the “Officers Corps” Vladimir Ruban. The latter is accused of preparing the assassination of President Poroshenko, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Turchinov, Interior Minister Avakov and ex-Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. In addition, the SBU claim that Ruban, surrounded by militants, was going to break into the Verkhovna Rada to shoot deputies from machine guns and grenade launchers.

Savchenko has already denied her flight to Russia, having posted on the web numerous photos from Strasbourg, where, she said, she is on a working visit. Nevertheless, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine does not hide the seriousness of its intentions. As the head of the department Yuriy Lutsenko said, if Savchenko really has the courage attributed to her, she should immediately appear for questioning at the SBU. At the same time, he stressed that the deputy is in Strasbourg on a personal initiative, and not as part of the official delegation of Ukraine.

Sources of the Ukrainian media claim that Savchenko is the main suspect in the Ruban case. Allegedly six months ago, representatives of Ukrainian intelligence suggested that the deputy commit a coup d’état, and she naively agreed. For a successful operation, the siloviki asked Hope to deliver a batch of weapons from the territory of the Dniester. To this end, she went to Ruban, whom also nothing embarrassed. In addition, according to the source, one of the battalions that fought in the ATU zone was ready to stand on the side of Savchenko. Now Ukraine is waiting for the process of the century over the traitors to the homeland.

Recall that Ruban was detained on March 8 when he attempted to take a large batch of weapons hidden in furniture from the territory of the People’s Republic of Hungary to Ukraine: in the cabinets and nightstands there were machine guns, grenades, mines and mortars that are produced only in Lugansk. In Kiev, they say that they monitored the accused for 10 months, and as a result came to the conclusion that he had cooperated with the leadership of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass and was preparing a series of terrorist acts in Ukraine.

Savchenko for a long time worked with Ruban on the exchange of prisoners, and in February 2017, together with him visited Donetsk. In response, the SBU canceled their permission to enter the DNR and the LNR, explaining this by saying that only the president can deal with the “sensitive issue” of the exchange of prisoners.

“Until a live broadcast of the trial began, I personally thought that all reports of the detention of Ruban with a load of weapons – it’s a fake!” – commented briefly on MK news Nadezhda Savchenko. Ruban also claims that the siloviki framed him, and he went to the “occupied territory” to help his friends move from Donetsk to Ukraine. Savchenko wanted to take him on bail, but the court went to the sentencing earlier than she had time for the meeting.

How will the trial of “traitors” develop, “MK” found out from the experts:

Andrey Buzarov, a member of the public council of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry:

– The fact that Savchenko is attracted as a witness is one of the first, says that her status in the Ruban case can change at any moment. In particular, if her answers are not liked by law enforcement agencies, she can turn into a suspect. At the same time, no one has any doubts that the trial of Ruban will take a long time, and not only Savchenko, but many other public figures with whom he cooperated in the exchange of prisoners in the Donbas may be involved. He almost 4 years worked in this direction, and now all his acquaintances, from the military to public figures, fell into the risk zone. I would not compare the arrest of Ruban with the beginning of “1937”, but the case will be loud. At the same time, Ukrainian society will calmly watch its progress. Even when Saakashvili was expelled from the country, there was no social upheaval.

Kirill Molchanov, deputy head of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management:

– Poroshenko, demonstrating to the society of internal enemies, is preparing for the presidential elections. Lutsenko can say anything, but in court the charge will fall apart. We are talking about the preparation of an analogue of the Soviet “doctors’ business,” but the presidential administration is too weak to bring it to the end. Nobody in Ukraine believes in the accusations brought against Ruban. Moreover, people laugh at the accusations of an attempted coup. The overwhelming majority of ordinary Ukrainians sympathize with him and regret that the plan, if any, failed.

Most likely, Ruban was the victim of the disassembly of the siloviki in the Donbass. Soon in the region the main violin will be played not by the Security Service, but by the General Staff. In the redivision of spheres of influence, the Security Service is trying to prove its usefulness and for this purpose threw Ruban a batch of smuggled weapons. In the future, Poroshenko took advantage of the situation in his own interests.

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