The case of Santos and Odebrecht moves


The investigation against the president, Juan Manuel Santos, for the alleged entry of money from the Brazilian multinational Odebrecht was dusted off in the Chamber’s accusations committee after several months without presenting any news. On Tuesday, his two campaign managers were called to question him, Roberto Prieto , in 2014 and Santiago Rojas , in 2010. In addition, the call to the former senator is expected Otto Bula , who has been the main fan of the investigation for the delivery of bribes of Odebrecht to businessmen and politicians in exchange for favoring them with multimillionaires state contracts. This process is only in its preliminary investigation stage. That is to say that what Prieto and Rojas can say today will seek to consolidate sufficient merit to open a formal investigation against the president or, on the contrary, could help to permanently archive the process. In any case, to find merits in the investigation, even when there are no decisions for when Santos leaves the House of Nariño in August (which is very likely in comparison to other processes), the Commission will maintain its power to continue with the investigations. Of those cited, it is Prieto who has remained more time under public scrutiny, especially since in March 2017 he admitted on national radio the entry of Odebrecht monies to the campaign he managed in 2014. From there, new accusations were found against him: Both the businessman Gabriel Dumar , like the ex-senators Bernardo Elías Y Otto Bula , they assured that he would have been the channel for Odebrecht to turn over the money. Currently, Prieto faces charges for having lobbied another large infrastructure project in the country: Ruta del Sol III, in which Puente Plato designs would have irregularities. However, the contribution of Rojas, current director of the Dian, is still key, even more so because he is the only one of those sprinkled on the subject who has not resigned his post. As manager of the 2010 campaign, he will be asked about the signs of a $ 400,000 entry from Odebrecht, although in other proceedings he has said he does not know anything. The investigating representative of this case is Nicolás Guerrero , which is part of the U Party and won its seat representing the department of Sucre.


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