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The case of a teenager who was hit by a car due to the death of a puppy was returned to the prosecutors

The justice of the peace in the Leninsky district of Tomsk granted the prosecutor’s request and returned the case of the teenager, who, according to the investigation, several times hit the hood of the car after the car crushed his puppy. About this RBC told the father of a young man Evgeny Safronov.

“The case was returned to the prosecutor. As I understand it, the case will be considered again, although we hope for the best and that the case will not be returned to court, ”the boy’s father explained.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case against 16-year-old Danila Safronov, who several times hit the hood of a car that crushed his puppy. The traffic police did not open the administrative case to the driver, arguing that the dog was without a leash, the father of the teenager reported. According to him, the driver left the scene and himself filed an application to the district police officer for compensation for the damage caused.

The investigation ended on September 6. Danilo Safronov is charged under part 1 of article 167 of the Criminal Code of Russia (intentional damage to someone else's property, resulting in significant damage). Damage to the owner of the car was estimated at 14 thousand rubles.

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