The case of the woman who taught for 20 years without having a degree

AGI – In one of the funniest scenes of ‘Try to catch me’, the very young braggart played by Leonardo Di Caprio deceives the nurse he fell in love with with a fake medical degree from Harvard. In the film based on the autobiography of Frank Abagnale, no one gets hurt because no one ends up in the hands of the fake doctor, but what damage could the woman who for twenty years pretended to be a teacher have done by touring the schools of Varese without even having the Graduation?

But if the educational damage is not quantifiable, the financiers of the Provincial Command of Varese have managed to quantify those for the treasury: 350 thousand euros that they have seized in money and goods.

The fake teacher is accused of having exercised her business presenting a false degree and was reported to the Prosecutor’s Office for fraud and ‘use of a false document’. The sum refers to the unfair profit that the teacher would have accumulated since the degree is compulsory.

The execution of the precautionary measure led to the seizure of financial resources for 166,000 euros present on the deposits and bank current accounts of the suspect and of 8 lands, 2 garages, 2 deposits and a nine-room apartment as well as a car and a motor vehicle.

According to the reconstruction of the investigators, the woman had obtained the inclusion in the provincial substitute rankings in schools in the province of Varese starting from 2000 and would have carried out annual substitutions in various schools using the false degree. The professor had declared that she graduated with 110 cum laude instead she had never even enrolled in university.