The case of vulnerabilities in the AMD Ryzen processors is sewn white thread

The case of vulnerabilities in the AMD Ryzen processors is sewn white

The most resonant news of the past day was material about the research group CTS Labs, which quite aggressively began to spread information about vulnerabilities in AMD processors with the Zen architecture and associated sets of logic. AMD itself in its official press release was surprised both by the fact of the existence of such an organization and by the methods of its work – the reaction to the developer of the processors was allocated exactly 24 hours, rather than six months, as is customary.
Naturally, detectives of all colors rushed to defend “our everything”, and the reputation of CTS Labs as a result was supposed to give such a fissure that no one else could seriously listen to her further statements. The first thing that alerted the authors of the investigation, among which was a popular resource Gamers Nexus is the use of a “virtual office” in a video with comments from representatives of CTS Labs. The video was shot against the background of the “green screen”, and then the necessary background with the interior of the abstract office was piled. Why create such complexities in the formation of such irrelevant details? Already this “creativity” makes one think about the essence of CTS Labs.
Secondly, the youth of the organization CTS Labs, which was founded last year, and the date of registration of domain names involved in this information attack, and the disconnected comments under the video, all this strengthened the feeling of a specially prepared action. Moreover, the distribution of press releases involved an agency with the only person in the state to whom it was impossible to get through.
Cic Labs’ ally was Viceroy Research, which did not hide its material interest, if not in bankruptcy, then in a significant decline in the share price of AMD. This is pure water stock speculators who were interested in a sharp decrease in the exchange value of these securities – which, by the way, did not happen, and in fact AMD shares even went up by 1%.
Finally, Intel took away all suspicions of its relations with CTS Labs. At least in the comments to the site Gamers Nexus company representatives denied any involvement in what is happening. While there are no grounds to assert that the described vulnerabilities are invented, it will take some time for verification. However, the very organization of this reputational attack on AMD makes you think that without forgery was not done.

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