The cause of low blood pressure that people rarely realize

KONTAN.CO.ID – There are many causes of low blood pressure experienced by a person. Knowing the cause of low blood pressure can be used as a way to deal with the symptoms that your body is starting to feel.

Citing the American Heart Association website, there are several symptoms of low blood pressure that you need to be aware of. For example, dizziness, nausea, fainting, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, fever, depression, and dehydration.

Dehydration usually causes blood pressure to drop. However, dehydration is not the only cause of low blood pressure. There are many other things that could potentially cause a person to experience this condition.

Causes of low blood

Some people often do not realize the cause of low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can arise due to various kinds, for example, resting in bed or bed rest in the long run. The first 24 weeks of pregnancy can also be a cause of low blood pressure.

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The cause of low blood pressure can also be due to the amount of blood. The American Heart Association states, blood loss due to accidents, dehydration, or bleeding in the body can be the cause of low blood pressure.

Several types of treatment can not escape the cause of low. Diuretics, hypertension drugs, heart medications, Parkinson’s disease drugs, and antidepressants are some types of drugs that cause low blood pressure.

Of the many heart diseases, abnormally low heart rate or bradycardia can be the cause of low blood pressure. The heart of a bradycardia sufferer is unable to pump blood according to the body’s needs.

Allergic reactions, such as anaphylaxis, can be another cause of low blood pressure that you may not be aware of. Anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction that usually occurs in someone who is allergic to certain drugs or foods.

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Take, for example, allergies to penicillin or peanuts. Apart from causing low blood pressure, such allergic reactions also make it difficult for a person to breathe, a swollen throat, and an itchy feeling in the body.

If you realize the cause of the low blood pressure and some of the symptoms that appear, consult a doctor immediately. You can record the symptoms that arise and the activities you do to facilitate the examination.



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